It Takes More Than Facts to Convince

It Takes More Than Facts to Convince

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“I put my money into….”

Sometimes one thinks there is room for discussion on a point, and that a good debate will bring people closer to the truth, or even deeper into it. Then again, there are situations in which “it takes more than facts to convince.”

Those were the words of a moral theologian who was once asked by a student: “Father, you have laid out clearly why the Church teaches what it does. It makes perfect sense. Why don’t people accept it?” His answer was short, and to the point. The facts need to be accompanied by a good will (as opposed to a will lacking in goodness) if they are to be accepted and followed.

The teaching being presented was that of why the act of contracepting is always, and everywhere, an act that is intrinsically wrong. It can never be an act that is good, because it is in itself always against the natural moral law. It is always against the good that man can discover by the use of his reason. Even if “world peace” could be gained from one act of contracepting it could never be seen as a good act. In fact, peace – the harmony that comes from order (St. Augustine) can never be gained while contraceptive acts are being carried out. Trying to convince modern man of this, however, is almost impossible, since the conditioning carried out by the powers that be to ensure the contraceptive mentality is the only acceptable mentality of the day has been immense. This conditioning continues at a relentless pace as generation after generation succumbs to the religion of materialistic-secularism. It has done so from the time of Margaret Sanger and the Lambeth Conference debacle, which was later supported by Rockefeller money in producing the dream “pill” for the eugenists. Contraception is the sacred cow of this religion, with abortion being its delta-force. Few will talk about the destruction it is causing to the environment, either external or internal to man. To convince men and women to return to the path of reason will require nothing short of a divine intervention.

If one were to do a Thomistic/Scholastic presentation of the arguments for the use of contraceptive practices they would come under the following objections: 1) overpopulation; 2) women’s health; 3) freedom to choose; 4) sex is about love; 5) spacing children; 6) genital diseases.

Each of these can be responded to with one sentence: the marital act belongs in marriage (that’s why it is called “the marital act”!), and is only to be entered into when potential offspring will be welcomed from it. Simply put, if someone is not prepared to accept the consequences of the act, and what it really is, then the act should not be entered into.

That may sound harsh – and to most moderns who have been conned by the contreceptive-con it will be shocking – but it is the truth, which reason announces. Men and women have generative faculties, which allow for children to be generated. These powers have not to be used without the thought of children, and their well being. Marriage is the institution that ensures that these powers are used in their proper setting, since it is reasonable that these powers are not used other than where it is proper for them to be used. “Free-love” is a farcical term since mankind knows that sexual anarchy is terrorism between neighbours. “Relationships”, another vague term used today to hide stupid actions, are blown to pieces by the contraceptive mentality. Only the foolish, or the malicious, would advocate a marriage-less reality; while only the insane would make up so-called “marriages” that are contrary to reality itself. If the generative faculties, and their natural end, are not placed at the centre of any consideration of the question of contraception then one will always argue for sexual license. Admitting, however, that these faculties are ordered toward the generation of new generations (and that marriage is primarily about those children and their well-being) changes everything.

But, it takes more than facts to….

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