To Dump or Not to Dump…To Live or Not to Live

To Dump or Not to Dump…To Live or Not to Live

When one only hears the constant hammer of staple guns, and the psychotic squeal of hand-held drills, as they accompany a generations’ rejection of what it calls “tradition”, one begins to wonder as to the power of anything to prevent the madness at the end of this world. “Dump it”, is the response to anything that is uncomfortable. If it’s broke there’s no attempt to fix it, just “dump it”.

Yes, there is a muddled attempt by some to consider what is at stake. Reason tries to assist in bringing the mindless back from the depravity to which they are used to; but the insatiable thirst for self-satisfaction cannot be controlled. There in lies the need for sanctifying grace. Without it things are what they are – rejected simply for being.

Asked by an intrepid reporter, who wants to know what the public (that great mouth of wisdom) has to say about whether girls should ask boys out on a date, the answer comes back in predictable anti-reason fashion: “Sure, why not? It’s just an old tradition that prevents them from doing so.” In other words, “Dump it.” The intrepid reporter is in full agreement, although as one of the mouth-pieces for the Influencers he has to shroud his piece in terms of “fairness to opinions”, and that sweet cyanide of false “tolerance”. As a dead thing his piece for public consumption (or is it manipulation?) truly is shrouded in that which cannot give life.

Yet, to be fair to the Influencers, they have to hold on with all their might – and in worldly terms their might in all pervasive – to their safety net of “fairness”. If they abandon it they know the mob will come for them next. The peasants revolt will kick-off again, and things will be messy. Peasants, therefore, have to be educated, fed, and entertained to a certain degree or more than “tradition” would be dumped. The Influencers know that certain things have to be handed on or they will not have their positions of influence – nor will they have their heads. They, at least, know a certain amount of history.

“Dump it”, therefore, is a sweet slogan for the Influencers when they can get away with it. But it is not to be taken too far. If it hides itself in posters saying, “Love is Love” so as to destroy that which is considered an obstacle to the agenda, then it flies. If, however, it is taken literally, then the agenda itself is fare-game for being next on the hit list.

Don’t let the secret out. That is the operating modus vivendi of the Influencers. Imagine what would happen if the good old public, and their sacred opinion, where to get wind of some logic. What a wonderful list of traditions would be up for dumping. If it’s been handed on from a previous generation then it could be classed as a tradition, and worthy of dumping. Here are some from an endless list.

There is saying “Hello” to a someone in the morning, or even in the evening. In fact, calling it “the morning”, or “the evening”, could be dumped. Wonderful – one would never be late for work. “Time” could be dumped. And what about the age of someone. Dump it. What about birthdays? Sure, that’s just another tradition (with a little ‘t’ or a big ‘T’?) that is imposed upon us poor victims of now. Yes, dump them as well. Let’s get back to Year Zero. Or is it forward to the great and glorious day of the coming post-modern messiah? Dumping for the sake of dumping – why not?

Does anyone see where this is going? If one has no sense of history then why not? Come back Pol Pot, and your predecessors in Germany, Russia, England, China, America, and every other place where original sin has had its influence – all is forgiven. You gentlemen would be great at this oh so modern way of living. In fact, the tradition of calling you guys “tyrants”, and “mass murderers”, surely that has to go to. The “tradition” of calling something wrong? Dump it. And of calling something right? Dump it.

Maybe, however, the argument has not been made subtly enough; maybe tradition appears to have something going for. After all, it’s such a great song and it ensures that any fiddlers on the roof are promptly shot down. O.K., then, back to the ad absurdem. A few more examples might help kill off any hankering the feeble minded have for yesterday.

What about paying a fare wage? In fact, what about paying anything whatsoever to someone who does some work? Sounds like a tradition of some sort. Dump it?

What about medicine, and proper health care? Indeed, isn’t this idea of “keeping healthy”, in touch with one’s inner thingymajig etc., not just something someone else is trying to force on us (whoever “us” happens to be)? Dump it? Yes, completely. Health? A cultural construct? A tradition imposed by an older – or more likely a younger professional class – generation?

What about time off work for people? Dump it? Well, it’s a cultural tradition, is it not? After all, some cultures don’t give any time off – maybe they’ve got it right? Maybe they dumped the idea of rest and family time long ago? Maybe their economy-god is more powerful because slavery is all the rage? Who’s to say they haven’t got it right?

And while the point comes up: why not dump the tradition of medicine, and care for the weakest? Hippocratic oaths and all that “tradition” are dumpable material, are they not?

What about music and poetry? Well, as it is today, most of the noise that pollutes the air-waves is a far cry from any semblance of music. Yes, it is a noise produced by man through his mouth, and accompanied by some kind of beat and harmony, but the beat seems designed simply to beat one into mental submission or to encourage one to jump about like an idiot, rather than lifting one to contemplate the greater things. To call what is now a billion dollar enterprise a contribution to the ennobling of man, is nothing short of a joke – and a sick one at that. It is ugly, contemptuous, narcissistic, and often dangerous to the soul. Yes, there are occasional semblances of beauty, but the destruction it is causing, and has caused, to the proper use of reason is, well….Say no more. There is no need to “dump it” – it is self-dumping. It is the perfect example of rejecting what was true and good in previous generations, and of the manipulations of man’s passions in order to control him. Did Shakespeare not warn us: “Mark the music”?

Back to the examples. How’s about possessions? Isn’t it just some kind of “tradition” that what someone else has actually belongs to him? Sounds like a dumpable. Yes, why not dump it? The house of your neighbour? What right has he to use an old tradition to keep you out of it? If this is applied then what about the T.V. stations across the country, what kind of tradition is it that is stopping the man is the street (whoever he is) to the freedom to walk in and say, “This is my show”?

Finally, what about children and their parents? Surely, that “tradition” has to go? Oh, yes, that’s been achieved in places already – it works wonderfully for those who get there kicks from feeling-free! Pity the sociological and psychological studies, and the evidence that they provide, from the Ivy League schools haven’t confirmed this utopia. But don’t mention that; the agenda is being “pushed forward” nicely. Soon no-one will know who’s who, or what’s what. Leaves everyone totally confused, and opens up the way nicely for the Old Boys network: “Under age, Officer? Why, that tradition has long been dumped.” [Oh, sorry, I should have said, they’ve already dealt with that one? Right, I mean, Left. Oh, sorry, it’s the “Left-Right-Right-Left”, conflation, normalization, get with the script, Marxist-Capitalist, etc. Remember, no criticizing economics or morality. Sounds like a “new-tradition” of the big stick variety.]

And so the madness goes on and on. The asking of these questions, however, does open up something that may well survive before the end comes. What is the link between tradition and freedom? And what about freedom – is it not just some “tradition” that can be dumped by whoever has the biggest stick in town? The point begins to surface: there are certain things that if a drugged-up generation does not stop and think about then they will find themselves dead before they have even lived. They will have nothing to live from. The shelves will be empty, but even more so, the heart of man will have grown so cold that the warmth needed for child in the womb will be gone forever.

And then what? And then man will stand before the One who made him to live according to certain laws, which many mistakenly call “traditions”, but which no-one can dump without being unjust. They are the measure by which man will be judged – dumping or no dumping.

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