Unhappy 50th: the Battle is Over

Unhappy 50th: the Battle is Over

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Lying on one’s back after a knock-out punch is not a pleasant experience. Coming round, to the sound of a muffled voice, and a sudden rush of pain to the head leaves one wondering, “What the…? Where…? Who…?” And then things start to come back into focus – if one is lucky. At this point, the words, “Take it easy”, are useless. The fight of the last 50 years is over, but lying on one’s back is only recommended when sleeping. One has to get up and start again. Decide to retrain; or decide to walk away. A decision has to be made when faced with a difficult-good, either to fight for it or give up. The excruciating battle to defend the innocent over the last 50 years has been lost – the prolife movement has been knocked out. But the war against the bullies who advocate the destruction of marriage and the family is still raging. God’s Justice will not be mocked; His Mercy cannot be defeated.

Some people who constantly view things from the floor don’t always see things from the losers perspective. Often, the floor, the shop-floor where many people spend their working lives, teaches them that the power-struggles of those in “positions” are usually fruitless. They hear about the need to be more productive, but they look and see a generation of fruitless managers and young professionals who will grow old, and lonely, unless they change direction. They see an efficiency that is sterile, and generations that have sterilized themselves by following the lies of the bullies.

Yes, it is that story which is as old as humanity’s first act of injustice – the domination and conniving with domination – that is playing out today in the lives of most people in what is left of, so-called, civilized societies. It is a story of a people who bully, and people who assist the bullies. Tough school yards, or “play-grounds” as they were called by some, taught many children the reality of labouring against man’s fallen human nature. Philosophers would use interesting, and often obscure terms, to try and describe the common wound in man that drives him toward a base like existence; while psychologists would often rationalize away the fact of man’s propensity towards evil. Simply put, man is broken and the wound is deep – no-one is exempt from living among the fallen. Yet, the reality of having to tread carefully when dealing with other human beings was a lesson learnt at an early age by most. And most people took a certain stance toward the thug and his cohorts: stay clear, join the gang, or start one’s own form of resistance.

In the last hundred years or so, schools have often reinforced what human beings did for generations. The majority of them, after all, had a different type of schooling from the formalised German model known today as “education.” As John Taylor Gatto noted, today’s education systems – in many countries – are a late comer to the stage of human existence, and are designed to control rather that educate. However, with or without these schools, the reality of the domineering, the dominated, and those who connived or battled against it to survive, was learnt. It continues today. The destruction of millions of children due to the actions of a Scotsman by the name of David Steel, and the implicit assent to it by the now shameless British public, is a most horrific example of this domination-and-connivance-with-domination manner of living. It was not a puppet that stole Steel’s political career – his being a tool for the bullies who manipulated him seems a more likely scenario.

50 years ago certain members of the British Parliament decided to permit murdering the most vulnerable members of the British population. Those deemed to be a burden, of one kind or another, were placed into the category of human beings who under controlled conditions could be killed. They were not mass murderers; they were not rapists; they were not even terrorists or paedophiles. In fact, they were the most innocent of all human beings – little ones who had not even seen the light of day. Their crime? Simply coming into existence in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and maybe even in the wrong way. Someone else was given the power to decide to kill them off. It is the most horrific situation of the bully, and the bully’s dominated enabler, that there has ever been.

If one looks at any situation where human beings are to be found, one will find strong personalities and others who are not so strong. Yes, everyone has something to contribute to most situations, but some people just happen to be better leaders than others – it comes easier to them. The natural temperaments play an important part in this, but it does not determine absolutely who will be the best leaders. Bullies are often effected by this. They are not to be found where someone is looking out for the true good of someone else. A good leader looks to lead others to the good, and the true good is always accompanied by justice. The bully twists this, and bullies for the sake of a misplaced good. The killing of these innocent human beings is sold as a good of one type or another: a good for society; a good for a mother who couldn’t cope; or even a good for a child who would otherwise be handicapped. Bullies like to present their work as a good. And those who are bullied often assent to their being dominated. The good is often used to mask the evil being chosen, and to win the sympathy of onlookers. The evil chosen makes the chooser evil in their will.

When it comes to ruling over people unjustly the temperament plays it’s part. The bully is unlikely to be the quiet, timid type. More than likely the bully will have a strong choleric drive, and the bully’s lieutenant will have a melancholic drive – disposing him to go along with the domination. The party going sanguine will try to make light of the domination, but will also succumb, and be easily led if the bully makes it possible for the fun to continue. The promise of the everlasting-party sells it to those who are looking for a good from what they know is an injustice that they are caught up in. The bully, who is often the leader of a revolution, uses this guilt-trip of those he rules over to push further his domination. Fear of loosing the bully’s approval allows him to push his minions into greater injustices.

So where do the majority of bullies come from? Is it the State-run school systems of Scotland or the fee-paying schools of Oxfordshire? Or is it from the families living in the shanty-towns of Africa, or the families who jet-set from Barbados to Bahrain? They are everywhere after all, but the more education a bully has then the more dangerous he is, since the more manipulative he can become. Now, by education here is meant that he is given the opportunity to gain positions of authority. (The shanty-town’s bully will have a limited circle that he can dominate. Those involved in petty crime, and then brought into series crime and organized gangs with support from forces throughout societies – networks of bullies and their cohorts who hide within almost every imaginable walk of life – are responsible for more human misery that is imaginable). This is why the majority of people are subjected to the whims of people in authority, people whose own self-hatred pushes them to dominate others whom they consider either inferior to them, or a threat to them. Their grabbing positions of authority gives them greater opportunities to dominate; and the greater their education the more subtle will often be their forms of domination. Gangsters do not all drive around with the obvious signs of being dangerous. Having the power of the pen that permits the destruction of children, families, and marriage are grabbed by bullies of well polished institutions. Their agendas would frighten most people if they knew about them.

Does this mean that education and authority are to be eradicated? Learning is as natural to man as breathing, and following the dictates of reason is a sign of wisdom. Everyman learns, and some are able to teach more wisely than others. The rise of the bully, and the bully’s co-workers, is far more subtle than often considered, and maybe this is why the contraceptivist-abortionists have been so destructive over the last 100 years. Undoubtedly, their harnessing of the most wonderful tools of communication for the dissemination of their reign of terror as something necessary for the advancement of economic happiness is the work of masters of educational techniques. With the authority they have accrued to themselves – the stranger who came and sat in the homes of millions has become the master of every question – they have managed to manipulate through a very subtle form of bullying the majority of their ‘students’. If Josef Goebbels had had such power he would have been even more difficult to stop. Alas, it is the blood of billions of little children that has been spilt at the behest of dictates from the stranger-bully who took the father’s place in almost every home. And to his shame, many a father listened to his wife and became an accomplice in the killing of their own.

Such is the state of play today with the contraceptive-bullies, and their co-workers. 500 years on from the disaster of Europe’s “mother of all revolutions”, the horrors of the last 50 years are another fruit of the irrational idea of self-declared infallibility announced by a wayward Catholic priest. The Pandora’s Box that Luther opened has taken on exponential acceleration thanks to technological developments, and those revolutionaries who change their spots, time and again, in order to reappear as the saviours of humanity know how to use it to fit their bullying agendas.

Eugenics was not always considered a bad word, and even today its connection with corporate-bullies has become almost completely forgotten. The fact that those involved in the, so-called, “weeding out of inferior races”, are now on the secular calendar of saints, and that their disciples have morphed into experts in gene-therapy and fertility treatment, has allowed their wicked deeds to be normalized. Normalization of evil, it appears, is the new norm. Very few will state the fact that each contraceptive act is potentially a destroyer of a human being, while the norm of flushing tiny little embryos down the toilet seems to pass most people buy, and do-it-yourself abortions are not as uncommon as the bullies would like people to think. The majority of Catholic bishops know nothing of these practices, and take contraception to be something the Church has to “get modern” on. Shame on them.

Bullies, most people fail to see, are usually very intelligent – their manipulative powers are signs of the tragic misuse of their intelligence – and they smile for the cameras. They would not, after all, come out and say, “Yes, we love killing babies.” That would be too honest. Instead they emotionalize the killing (and of the killing of the elderly, the infirm, or even the young in places like the Netherlands, and Belgium) in order to seduce people through their feelings. No one likes to say, “No”; or be called “anti” anything. This is why they are able to continually hide from people the truth about what they are doing. People don’t want to hear about bad things; they are difficult to address. They are even more difficult to stop if the perpetrators can point the finger at all those standing around and say, “You too have blood on your hands. We are not the only ones doing this. Indeed, you should thank us for carrying out your dirty work.” And they are right, up until a point. They are providing “a service”. They are part of a legitimate “industry.” Jobs would be lost if they all retired and allowed the children to live. Mothers might have to stay-at-home. What a disgusting thought, they suggest. And the economy? Oh, that sacred cow must never be put a risk. Kill the babies instead. Yes, they are clever, very clever, but they are wicked in their manipulative ways. Bullies are like that, and the bigger their act of bullying, the more people go along with it – the quiet life, and all that.

50 years of killing little children, is it not a remarkable fact? The tyrants of the 20th Century would have loved to have had such success. How successful the great contraceptive-bullies have been – and how will they ever be stopped? Maybe the use of reason will bring down their empire. Maybe those who shout for “a woman’s right to choose”, will see that it is like asking for the right to have weather. The so-called “right” doesn’t need to be granted since they naturally have what they want – their pregnancies will come to an end. It’s not something any woman needs a right to, and it’s contrary to reason to think otherwise. Every pregnancy that has ever been has ended, one way or another. Claiming one needs to be given a right to end a pregnancy is like claim one needs a right to have weather. The fact is, it is not a natural end to a pregnancy they want; they want to have the right to end the life of the baby that has been conceived. That, however, is so obviously wrong that they will not shout about it in public. Can you imagine their faces as they scream: “I WANT THE TO KILL MY BABY!!!!!” Not quite the subtlety of those who claim they are serving humanity. Serving? Self-serving.

With 50 years of slaughter now here, Stalin’s quirk about the death of one being a tragedy, while the death of a million is a statistic, can lead one to despair as to an end to this insanity. That, however, is where the bullies and their minions want people to be. The despairing are not prepared to stand up and face a difficulty; they are not prepared to stand down the bully. However, the bully is only defeated when he is opposed, and this is why the “prolifers” need to say what the problem is. They have to say it for what it is – it is a battle for marriage and the family. It has always been this.

The so-called “triumph” of ridiculous ideologies that have exploded in the last five years, are simply a further poisonous fruit of the Satanic cry of “Non serviam.” Every bully, and ever co-bully, has sought to have this mantle, and has fought to destroy the most basic cell of society along the way. Abortion kills babies; and babies are the natural fruit of the marital act; and the abuse of the marital act is what contraception and abortion both promotes, and also hides. Solution (in the bully’s eyes)? Destroy marriage, and claim anything whatsoever is “family” or “marriage”. And to ensure that “any little thing” that sneaks past the defence mechanisms of this madness doesn’t even dare to question it when the age of reason begins to dawn, Brain wash “it” into thinking t”it” is neither male or female. Cause confusion with regards to the sex of each individual, and so push for children to be totally rootless with regards to reality – for then they will “freely consent” to being abused by those once deemed too old for them. This is the agenda that those who oppose this madness have to realise this is being rolled out on a daily basis by the powers that be.

50 years ago, to Great Britain’s great shame, a society went over the edge. Now, however, the end is

nigh – the descent will soon end with a horrific impact. Whatever way you look at it, the party will end because they have no wine; while this battle for the little ones will die down because those soldiers still alive will either be killed off, or drift off home. The immensity of the demographic collapse orchestrated by the bullies is decimating both sides in this war.

So what has priority: the party mentality, or the battle mentality? Is there need for ‘a balance’, a kind of new age-ish (developed Clinton-ish hippy-ism) way of looking at the world? An end to the culture wars – is this the final solution? It seems that most of the noise from the chattering classes is either one or the other: they battle against what they consider the injustices that stop them from having a constant party; while their official opposition – who often seem to be playing their part in a silly big game of let’s-make-as-much-money-as-possibe-before-we-get-found-out – are demanding justice for their limited group of party-goers. The fact that it is justice that has been, and is being abused, by the so-called “laws” made by the Britain and her allies over the last 50 to 500 years, is visible to those who have resisted the bullies and who know that war is not over. It is justice that has been denied to millions, and to each one of them.

50 years ago on 27th October, 1967 a little baby was murdered. The first of millions who have become statistics. Who was that little one? Was it a little girl or a little boy? Someone, somewhere, knows. Maybe he was a David, and his dad was a Mr. Steal? Maybe today, and maybe every year that has past from that tragic day until now, a mother has cried on a birthday that never was celebrated, or a dad has walked in a park watching mothers with their babies. Only God knows; and only God knows when this holocaust of all holocausts will end. And it will end. God’s justice will prevail. May that mother, and that father, who both in a sense “died” with their child 50 years ago, see God’s Justice filled with Divine Mercy. And may the bullies know that It is stronger than any evil, and run to It for forgiveness.

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