Children of the Revelation!

Children of the Revelation!

Whether I like it or not, I’m a child of the revolution: I’ve swallowed much of the garabage in the swamp around me. And the swamp is full of cultural Marxism, progressive ideas, tolerance quotas, political correctness, capitalistic-communistic usury, the contraceptive mentality – and fear!

There were three children (two in particular) who lived in recent times that were not trapped by the allurements of the world. They did not try to speak ‘the right way’ – or ‘the left way’ for that matter. Theirs’ was a pure love for God, and especially for Jesus in His suffering. They were shown Hell (the real Hell, the one were the damned really are justly punished for all eternity as the Synod of Constantinople taught in 543) and were so moved by love for Our Saviour that they offered there sufferings for the salvation of souls.

In pure supernatural charity they took on heavy-duty (according to today’s “go-easy-on-yourself” mentality) pennances so a to be united with Our Lord in His suffering. Their love was pure.

They were not children of the revolution (be it 1517, 1717, 1776, 1789, 1917, 1968, 2013 or any other), but rather children of the revelation. The private revelation that perfectly mirrored (and still mirrors) the public revelation.

The revelation that God is deeply offeneded by the sins of men – yours and mine – and that souls are lost especially because of the sins of the flesh. And that war is a punishment for sin. They were privy to God’s love for poor sinners in a way that did not water-down the seriousness of even one venial sin.

They would rather have died than have given any offence whatsoever to God once they had been given the revelations that they were blessed with as little children. And it was those revelations, and their faithfulness to them, that helped them to remain as faithful children of God.

They’ll be canonized soon.

But God didn’t ask for their canonizations at Fatima. Yes, it’s a blessing to have them intercede for us, but Our Lady didn’t come and say, “Tell the Holy Father HE MUST canonize you.”

Rather, God gave specific ORDERS (i.e. things that have to be obeyed by those to whom they are given) through His Blessed Mother at Fatima. And those ORDERS have not been carried out. Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger implicitly attested to this on 26th June, 2000 that the specific order given to the Vicar of Christ has not been executed. When asked if Russia had been consecrated to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart he admitted that it had not been done. In other words: God’s specific ORDER on that point had not been obeyed.

The claim goes that it was a prudential decision by pontiffs. Pope Saint John XXIII said the contents of the Third Secret did not apply to his times. Such a judgment was an irrelevance. He was told to do something and he didn’t. If a mother tells her son to do something and he calculates that the time is not right to do what he has been told, and never does what he he has been told then he has been disobedient. If St. John XXIII’s decision was prudential then that means Catholics don’t have to buy into it – it was not a teaching of the Magisterium, but a fallible decision of a Supreme Pontiff.

His sucessors took similar decisions. Why didn’t they obey? Children of the revolution? I would probably have chickened out too if I was in their (red) shoes.

Our Lady said at Cana in Galilee: “Do whatever He tells you.” Translates as, “DO IT!” Or even stronger: “God WANTS this done!”

The children of the revelation were obedient and have received their reward. Are the children of the revolution(s) being punished now for their disobedience? It would not be unjust if this were the case. Catholics world wide contracept as much as any other group of sinners. St. Augustine says that man has as many masters as he has vices, and that sin is it’s own punishment. Revolutions are led by masters who are looking for more slaves; and often slaves are too fearful to resist the revolutionaries’ cries for blood. And when the blood is on their hands (when the are covered in guilt) the revolutionaries remind them that they too are involved in the killing of innocent lives. Revolution is always a trap in the which the mob are lynched. Contraception is the destroyer of the Family, and the revolutionaries are advancing each day in their agenda to destroy God’s marriage and the family. But Catholic – neither shepherds nor sheep – will repent since they have internalised the lies of their oppressors. The City of God vs the City of the World.

Yet maybe it is not too late. Maybe a pope will come who will admit, “We have pierced her Immaculate Heart with our sins. Kyrie elesion!” And then maybe he will kneel before her – with a heart filled with sorrow for his own sins and those of mankind (as little Jacinta and Francisco did) – and pray for Russia and Her great people saying: “I, the Vicar of Christ, with all those bishop whom I have ORDERED, OBEDIENTLY consecrate Russia to the Most Pure and Immaculate Heart of Mary, that Her Triumph may begin!”

It’s called leading ordering obedience to God’s revelation.

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