Do Not Be Afraid?

Do Not Be Afraid?

I used to think Pope John Paul II was totally fearless, Our Lady’s pope right to the end. Now? I wonder.

The consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a serious matter. Why then didn’t it take place as Our Lady commanded? If Our Lady called for it then surely obedience demanded that God’s will – spoken by Our Lady – be done. ‘Truth itself speaks truly, or there’s nothing true’ – and if the truth is set aside for human calculations then where is the courage in that? Disobeying God’s will: seems like an unwise thing to do.

The consequences of this failure all the popes of have decided not to do what God commanded have been devastating. The disasters in the Church and society today are all manifestations of refusals to do God’s will.

It seems that JPII calculated that this act of consecration, called for by God Himself, would not be welcome in certain cirlces and that the Church and the world would be blessed in another way if he carried out simply an act of entrustment. Yes, he did that in 1984 – and some will say that the Berlin Wall came down because of it (even although others argue that the KGB worked to make it look like the Soviet Union was down and out). Russia, however, was not converted.

So why didn’t he just tell the Bishops of the Church, “Listen lads, here’s what I’m ordering you to do. On 13th May, I’m going to say this pray – in which I’ll explicitly consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary – and you are to do the same. You can either join me in Rome or do it at the Hour of Mercy in your Cathedral. Anyway lads, this is an order from the Vicar of Christ and if you disobey it you are disobeying Christ’s Mother – and if you disobey Her then you’ll be disobeying Him.”

He could have done it. Why didn’t he? I don’t know. Maybe the ‘Do not be afraid’ pope actually was afraid afterall. Maybe ‘the lads’ had too much of a hold on him. Maybe he didn’t want to get the ‘Benedict XVI’ treatment dished out by ‘fellow bishops’.

Whatever. It won’t stop Our Lady. In the end Her Immaculate Heart will triumph – even if only one bishop stands in union with a faithful pope. God has promised through Her, and God can neither deceive nor be deceived. Only in Him does man have the source of fearlessness.

Pope Saint John Paul II, pray for us!

Blesseds Jacinta and Francisco, pray for us that we may hear the text of the secret!

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