The Vessel with the Pill – Who do You Trust?

The Vessel with the Pill – Who do You Trust?


Having completed another session in recitation of poetry with the little ones – they remember everything from ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ by Alfred Lord Tenyson, to ‘Jabberwockey’ by Lewis Carroll, and so much more – it is time to try something else.

“What next?”

“The Vessel with the Pessel!”, comes the cry from the balcony!

“Yes! The Vessel with the Pessel!”

It’s not actually a piece of poetry but the genius behind the composition, and more so the recitation, is well worth the effort. Being the melancholic-choleric, however, this piece leads me to think of higher things. Or should I say, more depressing things – the staple diet of the hopeless!

Yes, even something as hilarious as Danny Kaye’s brillance and humour can be turned into a mediation on the end of the world!!! How does one take this memorable scene from the 1950’s movie, ‘The Court Jester’, and turn it into another “read at your peril” piece? Here’s how. (And remember, you’ve been warned – this will be anything but jolly!).

What is at the heart of the scene?

Think about it.

Don’t you see it? Well, put on your melancholic “The End is Nye” spectacles and look again.

See it now? Exactly – total confusion. (Well, not total but bordering on it – if it were total confusion we wouldn’t see the humour in it).

It’s like a scene from the 2025 movie ‘Death of a Cardinal’, which will probably never be made but if it were it would show the utter confusion (and then subtle assissination) of the 2017 ‘give-us-the-Catholic-Faith-Catholics’. The confusion that arises from having been abandoned and left with almost no one to trust. Yes, Faith is of things unseen but since Our Lord instituted a visible-invisible reality called the Church then it is through the visible that the faithful move to the invisible, and when the visible head of the Church becomes ‘a source of confusion’, as one author recently said, then that which is crushed is trust, and what results is confusion. Confusion reigns were there is little trust.

‘The vessel with the pessel?’ He does not know which vessel – he doesn’t know what is to be trusted and what is not? Even more tragic: who can be trusted. It’s all a complete farse, of course, but doesn’t it sound like today?

It is trust that is no longer to be found amongst men and women. Woman’s March? Do you trust it? President Obama – did you trust him? Or now his successor – why is he hated? It’s because he’s not trusted. Who would trust a man who says he’s married three times? And how can you trust anybody if you listen to every voice claiming to be true? I can bring forward as many facts ‘for’ or even ‘against’ any one you can mention. I’ve heard people denounce Mother Teresa and exalt Stalin; I’ve heard people exalt every single pope and denounce their own kith and kin. Today: no one is trusted until proven guiltly; everyone is guilty before the trial begins – except for those who are demanding the accused by hung. God has no chance on the internet!

So where has it gone? Where is trust? Are children now the only ones who trust? Yes, I suppose so – or those who have become like little children. And you know what, it seems like the dictatorship of relativism revolves around destroying the trust of children. The promoters of mistrust, the cynics, want to get a hold of them and indoctrinate them with a mentality of mistrust: don’t trust the police; don’t trust politicians; and especially, don’t trust your parents (or Catholic priests). Easy money.

But they never say to them: ‘Don’t trust those who are saying “Don’t trust!”‘ Funny that.

And why is it so easy to break down the trust of little ones?

One word: suffering.

Tell children how their suffering comes from a mean source; from someone who cannot be trusted. Quickly you can atheize them; smashing their hopes and dreams. ‘Life is a bitch and then you die. Eat, drink, and be merry…then kill yourself. There is no-one who will hold your hand while you suffer. God does not exist – and if he did he wouldn’t care about you!’ This is the diet they are fed.

More easy money.

And it starts deep down, in man’s fallen human nature – the propensity to do evil (even when masked as something good like serving humanity simply for the sake of it). It is then compounded in the technological/medicalized age of contraception: man eat woman, woman eat man – and if anything lives between them, kill it. The culture of death in every home where contraceptive use turns the gift of the marital act into a form of mutual masturbation. Sodomised-sex flows from contraceptivised-sex as sure as night follows day. Trust? Forget it: this is smash and grab.

The vessel in the pessel is the poison of contraception. The multiplier of mistrust is the Pill.

Told you it wouldn’t be jolly.

Still, enjoy the movie!

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