When Does the BBC Push Children to Kill?

When Does the BBC Push Children to Kill?

I’m no fan of the BBC. I don’t think I ever have been. Maybe it’s because I’m a stingy Scot who doesn’t like to give money to groups that I have no interest in. Thankfully, because I don’t have a T.V. I don’t have to contribute to the propaganda machine known as the British Broadcasting Company.

Where does the animus come from? Well, early life experiences can form bad habits that go very deep. Glasgow was a strange city to grow up in. Catholics from Irish backgrounds were not allowed to be Scottish. The peer pressure was to be pro-Irish. Whatever that meant it didn’t mean respecting anything British. The BBC used to play the national anthem (‘God save our gracious Queen…’) at the end of every day when broadcasting ended. In many a home the T.V. was quickly turned off as invectives were hurled in its direction. What’s more the Union Flag was the one favoured by Glasgow Rangers Football Club’s supporters. Catholics need not apply. Most of this was pathetic.

The Irish thing – ‘armoured cars and tanks and guns’ and all that horror – was never far away. In fact, for some of our relatives in was litterally across the street. The BBC, meanwhile, were at the forefront of the propaganda against us – we felt it; we smelt it; we knew of it. They hated us and we hated them. God forgive us all.

As the years passed and I became involved in matters of justice (Amnesty International, CND, and the most important one of all – justice for the child in the womb) I began to join a few dots. Working in voluntary post as the media officer for a prolife group, I came to see how corrupt and corrupting the BBC tends to be. At prolife events – where we’d have the numbers in attendance (and the police would confirm them) the BBC always seemed to manage to half the figure. In interviews the pro-injustice advocate always received a big smile and more ‘air-time’ as they called it. Off camera it was amazing how the old pals act was everywhere. It was remarkable who went to school with who, and who was drinking with who. They didn’t give a tuppence about justice of any true sort. Parties, booze, drugs, and sex – oh, and a story for the Party on the side. And this was all before they convinced and conned people into thinking: “We are Media!”

“What does he think of the BBC?” I once asked a friend whose brother worked for them in London.

“Oh, he hates it. If you’re not living ‘the life-style’ you’re excommunicated. He says that the smell of incontenence pads in the elevator is sickening.” Some facts never seem to make it into ‘the news’ – like the cost to the British tax payer of certain ‘life-style’ choices. Still, the British tax-payer has blood on his hands too; the revolutionaries in the old Beeb have ensured that to be the case. It’s an old tactic from the old boys school, worked out to work perfectly every time. No one can fight the Polit Bureau’s central figures since they simply remind each clown in the mob of who has blood on his hands. “Smile boys, you’re on camera – our camera!” Caught.

A place where death and despair stawk the corridors of lust – lust for power; lust for fame; lust for dominance. Plastic people melting in the fires of self-absorption. Who will reach out and bring them the love and truth that they need?

The BBC is also a very subtle engineer of public consensus, using everybody and anybody to manipulate minds to think about nothing but what it has cunjured up. It is not surprising that George Orwell worked in Room 101 when he was part of the BBC. The latest double-speak is pure genius, as well as being wicked beyond imaging. How many lives it will destroy I cannot even guess at, but I realise the young man who was once known as Bradley Manning has immense need of the truth in order to be set free from the lies surrounding him – before it is too late.

Is there anyone standing up against these lies? Is there any one standing up for that little boy Bradley Manning. Justice and truth stand or fall together.

Watch the piece above again. Notice how cleverly the BBC twist a twisted man’s life and play along with the game they are saying is ‘normal’. First, it introduces Chelsea. Then a history lesson for all the children watching. [“Now, you who think you are boys and girls, listen to good old Mother Beeb – your fairygodmother”] ‘BORN Bradley Manning’ [“Did you hear that, children? BORN. Yes, that doesn’t mean anything really – remember your lessons in the factory. I mean, school.”]

Then the story of what ‘the low ranking’ member of the US military heriocally did – stole (opps!), down-loaded information. The point: the character being presented did something big. But this character is at this point neither Bradley or Chelsea. Even Mrs. Clinton is giving ‘air-time’, sounding sympathetic to the cause.

And now for the BBC genius: “Manning’s supporters said SHE was ‘a whistle-blower’.” The image behind these words read on the screen, ‘Free BRADLEY Manning.’ Oh yes, I get it now: Bradley is free when he is she. [“Are you all on the right page, children, page number 1984?]

[“Listen in for the rest of your lesson lemons,…I mean, children”]: ‘…after the trial Bradley announced she’d be known as Chelsea and live as a woman…’ [“Yes, children, it is as simple as that: you decide, no-one can tell you anything; don’t trust anyone…except good old you know who”].

[“Did you see how cruel they were to our dear Chelsea”]: ‘…she’d been held at a male prison…’ [“They didn’t respect HER rights. You must fight this attitude wherever you find it. Fight, I say, fight!]

[“Look at the way our dear sister fought and how she…”]: ‘…successfully lobbied the US Army for hormone therapy…'[“Remember you are entitled to everything – no-one is allowed to say, ‘No’, to you.”]

I wish I was making this up.

Is there any hope at all. Have the BBC and it’s CEO allies captured all of reality and are in the process of destroying everything. The answer to that is: “No! No! No! And a million other No’s!” Like all those driven by hubris there is always a chink in their armour. The armour of self-defence, built from fear. It is what will cause the whole pack of cards to collapse. The slip that leads to their down-fall (and it will come down someday, in God’s good time, since every empire will pass but His Kingdom) is where there is mention of the fact that during Bradley Manning’s trial his lawyers ‘said that their client was suffering from GENDER IDENTIFICATION DISORDER’.

Look up the name of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi – his work is in the area of G.I.D. They have tried to ban such acts of kindness rooted in the truth.

Someone will look it up, and someone will find their way back from the abyss. Reason will prove stronger than the invitation to irrationality proposed by ‘the good old beeb.’ Someone – even one soul who hears the truth abut how this disorder comes about, and what can be done to bring order into ones life regarding one’s sexuality – is a victory the BBC cannot prevent.

Will many survive this war for our children? Only God knows. Meanwhile the push for a blessing on self-hatred continues. The two attempts by Bradley Manning to committ suicide are mentioned in order to complete children’s lesson: “You are the final arbitar on who, what, and when you are. You are God.” The pushers of death are in our midsts – if we have T.V. Will Bradley Manning find himself again, or will he kill himself? The BBC’s answer is clear – “We will support him/her/it/whatever in whatever it/her/him decides!” It is the answer scripted by the BBC to be used by their men-lackies on another battle field.  Ask Bradley Manning’s Guardian Angel to help him.

You can hear that I’m no fan of the BBC but I pray for my enemies and those who persecute me everyday. The BBC are well up there on that list. God bless every one who is associated with it – may He open the eyes of the blind, and set captives free.


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