Man: The Judging Thing!

Man: The Judging Thing!

Sanity is seeing things for what they are!

Here’s something worth pondering. Read it for your children and their children’s sake. Read it to your children! For the sake of those you love (and even for your enemies) – get in touch with reality again:

‘This introduction [to St. Thomas Aquinas’s commentary on Aristotle’s Metaphysiscs] concludes with a defense, against the Sophists, of the objective validity of reason itself, and of reason’s first principle, the principle of contradiction. He who denies this principle affirms a self-destructive sentence. To deny this principle is to annihilate language, is to destroy all substance, all distinction between things, all truths, thoughts, and even opinions, all desires and acts. We could no longer distinguish even the degrees of error’ (Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, Reality: A Synthesis of Thomistic Thought).

For love of God, your neighbour, and yourself – live by the first principle. Man, afterall, in a judge of reality – not the maker. Get a life; judge in truth.

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