Night Shift and Shifty Characters: Wake Up!

Night Shift and Shifty Characters: Wake Up!


It was C.S. Lewis who gave us Shift – the Ape who manipulated the gullible donkey, Puzzle, into doing the most stupid things. Maybe it was because he was called Shift that he was so subtle. He offers a shift in direction – a modernization of religion. In fact, he engineers poor old Puzzle and the other the other talking animals into thinking the New Religion is actually the Old Religion. Sound familiar?

Maybe too many people are working night-shift (which is like jetlag on steroids) – metaphorically speaking – and have fallen for peace at any price. “As long as I can sleep, I’ll do whatever is offered.” Satisfying the senses is so easy.

If you’ve ever suffered from sleep-deprivation you’ll appreciate know how tempting it is just to let things happen round about you. Fathers and mothers trying to get sleep while raising little ones is probably the most difficult thing any human being has to face. A child screaming all night long, every night for weeks and weeks, makes the Navy Seals “Hell Week” seem like a walk in the park. Sorry lads!

Being punch drunk due to a lack of rest from cultural manipulation, as consensus is manipulated, seems to be what most people are suffering from today. They have no idea of who the enemy is. Disorientated and disenfranchised from culture rooted in truth they are accepting anything in order to get some sleep. The massive amounts of money poured into engineering certain ways of behaving testify to the work of shifty characters.

Our Lord commands us to be awake at our posts so as to fulfill our duties:

“Be alert at all times, praying that you may have the strength to escape all these things that will take place, and to stand before the Son of Man” (Lk 21:36).

Wake up! The enemy is within the walls. Wake up – Our Lord is coming! Be ready.

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