Trust Has Triumphed!

Trust Has Triumphed!


Hatred is a terrible thing. It rips the soul apart, and drives a man insane. It can also be very subtle – waiting its moment to erupt and kill. Hatred often is like a sniper’s bullet. Yet, like every evil, it is defeated by one word: trust.

There are those who are raging at present because hatred is burning in their hearts. Clowns were sent out into the circus and they were expecting to be entertained by them. When the clowns turned into serpents and started devouring the children in the front rows some of them cheered. Others were left in disbelief – hoping that what was happening was not happening. Could evil really have entered into a family gathering?

The innocent were stoned. The innocent were thrown to the lions. The innocent were terminated and lied to by smiling tyrants. The innocent were bombed and tortured. The clowns believed they had triumphed. The believed they’d played their trump card – mocking every commandment of God. Each one followed the other and cried out in hatred, “Non serviam!”

It was subtle, and it was cruel. They laughed and jeered at the little ones: holding up their ideas of utopia against Christ the King. Building nations on falsehoods, they were brought down – even as their masters thought they had won. It was their hubris that crushed them. It was their own folly that crushed them. It was their hatred of the truth, born from charity, that crushed them. It was their hatred of God, who permits evil, which crushed them. Sin is its own punishment.

So how was evil defeated? And how is it being defeated? One word: trust. Trust in God’s goodness – not in man’s lies and deceits. The evil frightened many but it brought a few souls to their knees. “We face great evils,” they said. And then they remembered: “Evil only triumphs when the good fail to trust in God’s goodness.”

And so the evil of serpents posing as clowns was defeated by those who waited on the Lord. Trust strengthened the hearts of the humble. Before evil they stood firm. On their knees they brought down the fire of love, and with this brought down an evil empire. The storm passed over them – even if just for a moment. They know evil lies in the heart. It triumphs were hatred is subtle. But they know it cannot defeat those who allow God to give what is best for man. They know that trust is the key to unleashing the fire that burns away all hatred.

They have fought the fight for truth and goodness.  In Christ, they have held the world in existence for another day, and are preparing now for another battle. They are very few – maybe only a handful. In them trust cannot be assassinated – it places their souls in the care of He who is Truth and Goodness Itself. May we join them in this fight.

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