The Choice is Simple

The Choice is Simple


Who did the sowing? How did this come about?

There is a clear choice for a certain country –  and for every other country. Man either follows all that God has revealed in order to be happy, both in this life and the life to come, or he follows himself into the abyss. He either follows the truth (both natural and supernatural) or he follows nutty ideas of those claiming to have divine revelations (which are obviously false since the contradict reason); or nutty ideas of those who just simply contradict reason.

The choice is difficult if you’re living in a country that you’d love to think was Christian but is actually built on ideas driven by the nut-job who pinned his nutty ideas to a big door 500 years ago. His central idea was, “Nobody will tell me what is right and what is wrong!” He tried to make it sound theologically tenable but it was, basically, “sola meo”. He was the original rebel without a cause. 500 years later what he sowed is still producing it’s horrible fruits.

The choice is easy: dump the bad theology. Theological relativism bears fruit in moral relativism, and social chaos. Nobody trusts anybody. Most people in the Western Hemisphere – whether they like it or not, and whether they want to be or not – are little tyrants. Their rights are theirs against the rights of anybody else. Even God’s rights are trampled on. It’s all fruit of 500 years of “sola meo”. The original nutter cursed and shouted at people in German, and encouraged everyone else to do the same. But when they took him literally he chickened out; sided with his pay-masters, and had the peasants slaughtered. The pay-masters now pretend to be one with the people. Monism rules the roost.

Bad theology leads to bad politics.

The choice is clear: renounce the “sola meo” mentality. Don’t try and defend one’s nation as if it were God. If you’re Russian admit your nation has slaughtered millions of innocent people. If you are American admit the same. If you are British or Irish admit that your ‘holy nations’ have been involved too in injustices. Chinese? Get real! If you are Arab or Israeli admit the truth that you were not immaculately conceived. In other words, if you are a human person, born from the will of the flesh, admit your fallen human nature – and that of your people’s – and turn to Christ, the Sovereign High Priest for His Mercy. Only He can lead you out of the darkness. The Scots need him probably more than any other people.

Turn away from the “sola meo” theology. Turn away from the false idea that everyone is his own pope. Only then will a people or a nation begin to raise up men and women of virtue, instead of men and women of vice who buy their way into positions of power.

You hate injustices? Then submitt to what God has revealed. If you don’t then you act unjustly. You are the unjust one since you reject the very source of justice.

You say you do not believe it God. That’s as stupid as me saying  to you: “I do not believe you exist.” If God doesn’t exist then you don’t exist. But you do – as you well know. Your joys, your sufferings, your hardships, even your victories, remind you of it daily. God is. He is the source of the justice your looking for. And what He has revealed cannot be a deception, because that would mean He was not God. His Church has been established by Himself – it alone has divine authority. With this authority it can judge peoples and nations. It was sent to rule over ‘the twelve tribes of Israel’ – to rule over all the nations in order to bring them to Christ. Anything else is “sola me-ism”.

The choice is simple: enthrone Christ as King of your nation and the false ideas will be dethroned.

You don’t want the candidates that “sola me-ism” has thrown up? Dump the nonsense of the last 500 years, repent, and submit to the authority of Peter’s successor – even if he tells you don’t need to do so. What other choice do you have? Someone created in your own image and likeness! The choice is simple: simple doesn’t mean easy.

It’s not my opinion: every knee must bow before Christ the King. If that were just someone’s opinion it would be a leaf out of the “sola meo” text book. The choice is simple: break out from under Luther’s curse. Then you’ll have true hope of change.

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