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Her Great Day is Close – ‘Especially for Freemasons’!

Her Great Day is Close – ‘Especially for Freemasons’!

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Viva Immaculata! Viva Immaculata! Viva Immaculata!

Start fasting and praying! Prepare your heart for the graces she is bringing! Get your best suit ready! Make a cake! Invite the neighbours! Tell the Queeen of England THE QUEEN’s day is coming! Teach the children to shout out: VIVA! VIVA! VIVA IMMACULATA! And recite often Fr. Kolbe’s non-PC prayer:

“O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you and for all who do not have recourse to you, especially for all the Freemasons.”

No messing!

Marriage, the Family, and the Path from Loneliness

Marriage, the Family, and the Path from Loneliness


Have you ever met someone who has never been lonely?

Someone asked recently, “Have you ever been lonely?” The answer was brilliant: “Have you ever breathed?” It seems to be very much part of being a human being but is it something that one just has to live with? Everyone seems to have been through it one way or another. Some seem to be crushed by it; while others seem to bounce up to escape from it.

What is it, this thing called loneliness that is common to every human person? Maybe it is the feeling of being with no-one while wanting to be with someone. It is not just being alone, since when one is alone one is not necessarily lonely. Being lonely is different from being alone. In fact, longing to be alone drives many people to escape the madding crowd, while in the madding crowd many confess to being lonely.

What then is loneliness? At a guess it would seem to be close to a kind of fear; a being gripped by a sense of despair that one has no-one to walk with through life, or even just through the present moment. The touching of a deep sense of emptiness – of life having no sense without someone else to share it with. Maybe it’s the feeling of dread at the thought of life ‘signifying nothing’, as McBeth laments – where no companion is to be found for life’s journey. Could loneliness be described as that fear, at times strong at other times weak, that one is quasi-invisible: that one has no visible presence in the life of somebody else? Is loneliness the deepest feeling of the fear of uselessness? What an irony there is here since man despises being used, but longs to be useful in the life of someone else! Is this part of the reason why people – women in particular – endure unjust situations where their bullies rule over them? Do they settle for being semi-useful rather than being cast aside into the darkness of uselessness where loneliness would crush them completely?

Children are wonderful. Remarkably, they too touch the deep recesses of being human simply by being recipients of what’s going on around about them. Like sponges they soak up everything. Trying to figure life out they feel what adults often move past or deny. Children sense the deep space within themselves and wonder at it. They wonder at that which announces their contingent nature, while touching what seems like an infinite depth within them. When it is occupied to a certain degree with the presence of kindness towards them they flourish in the security that love gives. Love, that willing the good of another, is nourishment to their souls. This does not happen by random gestures from adults, but is built slowly and surely through constant repetition. Love ennobles. Constant loving presence allows children to come to reason, and use it properly in the face of the chasm within. That chasm has a magnetic, and at times destructive, pull upon them when the source of loving presence is taken from them. Suffering and death threatens them as much as it does adults. Children too can fall into the abyss of loneliness. Theirs’ seems even more tragic, but the loving presence of somebody (rather than some idea) gives them the confidence to be with others whom they know someday may also be taken from them.

As the powerful forces move within children grow and carry dreams. These are natural hopes. One of these is that someday they too will be a loving presence in the life of someone else. That they may be a life giving presence. The complementary generative faculties of men and women announce to them that being with someone of the opposite sex in order to be that source of life and love is the natural environment in which to live beyond loneliness. Yet for many this natural environment that is marriage has become like C.S. Lewis’s Narnia – a land accessible only to a few lucky ones. How has this come about that the place where loneliness is most easily overcome has itself become less and less common? As it has drifted off the horizon of whole societies has there not also been an explosion in the sense of loneliness? What is the connection between loneliness and the collapse in respect for marriage? These are huge questions yet they touch many lonely hearts. The connection between the rise in loneliness and the flight from marriage maybe more basic than at first appreciated.

Consideration needs to be given to the tragedy of marital breakdown. It can never be underestimated. It’s consequences are profound. Yet, how often has it come from the fact that one of the spouses at some point entered into a profound loneliness and reacted to this in an manner that was destructive to marriage. Men in particular have deep fears that they believe will be satisfied in the company of women other than their wives. The fantasy of being young and free, fit and virile, is perceived to be found in being with someone else. Is it a man’s fear of growing old, facing death alone – in a manner that opens up the chasm within – that blinds him to the consequence of unfaithful acts? Does he see that his life is not absolutely in his own hands and balk against this fact? Does he turn away from what he promised because life has changed while he has not grown mature during the change, but has resorted to his childlike state of feeling loneliness and now looks for the loving presence wherever he can find it?

Then there is the tragedy of young people looking for loving presence and finding that their circle of associates seems to have no-one within it who will accompany them through life. How many men and women come to see that life passes quicker than they realised when they were younger? Being the loving presence for someone in a professional capacity does not hold back the pressure that builds in the face of the spectre of loneliness. There is the longing for being someone else’s. There is the longing for being mother or father to this one or that one, and the professional profile is felt and recognized as shallow in comparison. It has its place but it does not satisfy the heart.

Why then do young men and women not simply enter into that life long bond that is marriage with the first person they meet? Wouldn’t that solve the loneliness question?

It is not so simple. Yes, a man and a woman who are eligible to marry could simply do so – and it has happened in the past successfully allowing the present generations to be! Previous generations had the support of smaller societies that created the conditions in which couples were brought together. Marriage was the expected thing since it is a natural good – the society worked for it and placed it before our forefathers and foremothers. Did they all enter into perfectly, lovely, sweet marriages? Probably not but they were presented with the environment that is marriage – an environment in which it is easier to overcome the threats caused by loneliness. Marriage naturally gives this gift, whether it is received or not  is another story.

What is the cause of the phenomenon of so many being unable to find a spouse? I would say that part of this cause is that society does not place marriage above anything else anymore. This is because it does not see children as its greatest treasure. When marriage began to be conceived (pardon the pun) as a child-free reality then it was redefined according to the selfish forces in man. Women were the primary victims since their greatest natural potential was seen as only one choice among many. Contraception in particular has been the feminists own goal – it is afterall a male invention to allow the ‘hump and dump’ (if you pardon my French) attitude of selfish, lust filled, men. The superiority of motherhood was thrown down from its crowning place in society – and in Christian societies this paralleled the rejection in the Sixteenth Century of the Blessed Mother by the spiritual terrorists whose ideas permeate many places today. Marriage and motherhood were degraded by the gnostic forces who claimed to have direct access to the interpretation of divine things. Many people are unable to find marriage because of the absolutization of personal opinion over objective reality.

Societies that do not guard their children from the moment of conception will consider that moment as product to be bought and sold. If that moment is degraded, or despised, in anyway then society turns to self-hatred. The marketing of the marital act, the making of it into something that can be manipulated by the powers of science, leads to a society where loneliness is treated as tough luck. If you are not getting your sex, so the argument goes, it is because you are not paying enough for it. Loneliness is your own fault. Such is the consumer society’s argument. A follow on to this – in an attempt to remove the perceived danger of loneliness – is the Freudian-Marxist mindset, which claims the danger of loneliness is like the danger of thirst. No-one should be thirsty so water is a right; and likewise, no-one should be lonely so sex is a right. From this it is further argued that governments should pay those who provide the necessary “services” to alleviate loneliness. In other words, Freudian education needs to be funded; sex-education needs to be funded; and brothels needed to be funded. Loneliness must be eradicated since it is considered oppressive. Indeed, the Marxist myth of marriage as the first form of oppression leads to the ideological hatred against it, while sexual gratification is elevated to a right that society must fund. This is what follows when children are not what marriage is about. Marriage is turned into a circus for self-abuse, self-absorption, and exploitation.

In such a culture children grow up with a fear that they too will be used rather than loved for all that they are – including the potential to be a mother or a father. When the moment of conception is set aside for sex-alone then the chasm of loneliness erupts and consumes those who should be guarding the mysteries of life. Marriage is pulled down from its throne and those aspiring to it find few willing to enter into the battle for it. As the moment of conception is degraded those aspiring to cherish that moment become fewer and fewer, and their loneliness faces the danger of growing deeper and deeper. Carrying a false vision of marriage (seeing it as a no-children-option or as a form of oppression) generates a fear that marriage may detract from one’s freedom. This leads many to avoid that which is the natural way of companionship and service.

The real trap is the subtlety of thinking at an early age that married people are miserable. With the increasing destruction of many families due to divorce this error is compounded and personal experiences elevated to being the sole judge of reality. It is perfectly understandable why someone coming from an unhappy family would think that every family, and every marriage, is similar to his own. It is understanable also why many children grow envious of any happy families they come across. Parents who decided to walk away – even after the children have grown up – leave behind them a sense of betrayal that many are unable to articulate. Every past experience is placed under suspicion since the love that was perceived to be there by trusting children is now seen as being fraudulent. In the child’s heart – even if now a young adult – trust is almost mortally wounded. Those most loved and honoured (father and mother) have inflicted a wound that is humanly impossible to heal. Children are crushed by the revelation that is divorce; the young are attacked in the arena of hope; and the wider family and society is trapped between false understandings of justice and mercy. All of this, yes, all of this compounds the struggle with loneliness and exacerbates the hesitancy to enter into marriage based on being for children.

What then is to be done in the face of an ever growing fear over living for tomorrow’s generation if loneliness is a major factor in closing the way to the future? The answer involves pain and suffering, but the alternative is also pain and suffering but of a different kind. If the reality of loneliness , and the factors that are causing it to be multiplied, are not faced then greater and greater misery will ensue for future generations. If, however, it is faced – and the causes addressed in the light of reason and supernatural faith – then the way to Christian perfection will be seen as the answer that many lonely souls are longing for. Much has been said in recent times about the need for mercy, but how often have people come to see that one does not need to go to a soup kitchen or a far flung country to find souls in need of loving presence. How many people do I encounter each day – even if only in thought? They are the ones who need the loving presence of Christ, and I may be the one who can carry this presence to them. Be they rich, or be they poor; be they male or be they female; be they young or be they old – my prayers for them may help them climb out of the abyss of loneliness. Those who are lonely need more than physical companionship. It is a soul mate (even someone far off) who can give them the words of Christ: “I am with you always. Yes, even to the end of the age!”

Another suggestion is that of going out to the most basic periphery of society: the family. It is the family today that is the outcast. Even where this not the case, there is never a family that has it all made up. Mothers often need a simply helping hand; while fathers need to be encouraged to keep fighting against the culture of death as it stalks the family. Suggesting the fathers should not combat those forces that are attacking the family is equivalent to suggesting to those who feed the poor that they should give them stones instead of bread. Fathers need to learn one thing if loneliness is to be benefitted from, and it is that time is the families strength. Without the family being placed first with regards to his time then a father runs the risk of being a stranger to his children. Strangers cannot give to children what they need.

Families often need help; and families can often give help. Is not the tragedy of homelessness because many people have failed to raise a finger to help families carry their burdens. Support the family and homes will not be less, but more welcoming.

Who helps parents that are exhausted with constant hours of work – both day and night – involved in raising their children? They are not asking for a sympathy vote, but practical help on a regular basis may just help them avoid physical and mental breakdown. It is not government help they need but friendship. Befriend and family and children will flourish away from loneliness. Children suffer when parents are exhausted. Serving the family in a practical manner seems like common sense, but pride stops the foolish from suggesting help or from taking help. There’s no glory in going to the store or shops; there are no encyclical written to address the cause of people abandoning their home. Giving oneself to the life of the family – holding the baby while mom stops for a five minute nap – get very little news coverage. The claim that one has no time to do such a thing is lame for if one has no time for the family then one has no time for one’s neighbour. You might aswell set up more homeless units – you’ll need them.

Finally, there is the need for Christ. He is not a panacea for the lonely, but rather the Way from loneliness into the very mystery of the Blessed Trinity. Only He can fill the abyss in man that erupts in pain when natural loving presence is absent. Only He can bring supernatural life to where there has been death in the soul. Without Him man is condemned to the misery of self-absorption. The family, and marriage as its foundation, finds its fulfillment in Him alone.

What then of society and the march towards despair? Only Christ is the answer. Suffering is part of man’s lot in this vale of tears as a consequence of Adam’s sin, but it is not something that anyone is permitted to inflicted upon anyone else. Destroying the natural foundation on which humanity lives and breaths – the natural foundation that is marriage –  will never bring happiness to anyone. This attack is guaranteed to do only thing: increase loneliness. On the other hand, following Christ, and living in His loving presence, is the guaranteed way to overcome the feeling of having no-one to love, or of not being loved by anyone. His loving presence is divinely guaranteed to those who love Him. Being alone in Christ is non-existent. Instead, He permitts us to share in His loneliness on Calvary. From there His presence overcomes all that threatens our way to Him. It was He who said: “Come to me all you are weary and overburden, and you will find rest for your soul.” The command is to unite one’s sufferings of loneliness to His suffering for the salvation of souls. His promise is built on who He is – Love Incarnate. He Who can never deceive nor be deceived. In loneliness or in contentment one’s marching orders are the same: trust in His Goodness!

35 Years in a Trench Pro Vita

35 Years in a Trench Pro Vita


War is ugly. Those who haven’t been can only imagine. Those who have don’t shout about. Those who are there are often mad.

Some wars are more subtle than others. And some trenches are more painful than others. Months on a frontline can see no action. The boredom kills. Being shipped out before a major breakthrough is providential; being caught in an offensive after months of waiting is beyond terrifying. Disbelief grips many, and the enemy exploits it.

The war for life is long and painful. The old lifers – trying various tactics, never giving up, keeping themselves sharp for the fight whenever it comes – have a steely determination. Many others fall away, abandon their posts, and disappear in the night. Those who remain are haunted by their ghosts. And the longer it goes on the more the temptation to flee pushes in.

It is the fear that kills when every force is lined up against one’s defenses. And when the troops begin to question their own position and leadership then the enemy is close to victory. Even when their weapons are silent it is their presence – only a short way off – that kills the soul. In the struggle to defend the most innocent, the presence of irrationality, fear, and hatred is what rips at the soul.

35 years is a long time to be at war, to be fighting to defend one’s own kith and kin. Others have been fighting longer. Few are heroic but many are emotionally crushed again and again – almost like the little ones they fight for. They simply disappear from the front line. Recently, one old soldier was called in to ‘fight’ at a debate. The ‘enemy’ (he knows they are only his enemy out of fear) were in full view. The debate never happened – someone pulled out at the last minute. Problem? Half of the hall had one group who hated the other. It was ugly.They mocked and sniggered as attempts were made to rescue the innocent from their grasp. He’s tired of being in his trench. He wonders if this the best that civilized society can come up with? It was another night in a cold, dark trench. The hatred for life was deeply disturbing and the old lifer smelled the same madness found in the self-killing individuals, who kill from their hatred of God and self. They kill their own out of fear that the weakest will take their happiness from them, and it makes them even more unhappy. He’s smelt it many times before. Their madness is deeply disturbing and smashes against the reasonable like the hatred the self-killer has against the source of existence. Trying to reason with the insane (who mask their insanity and self-hatred in compassion) draws the unexpectant out of their trench and into the open field – where the enemy is most dangerous. Appearing to have reasonable arguments gives the self-hater a mark of resectability, and their hatred becomes acceptable. Their claims for rights is the weapon used to destroy many a well fortified position.

It is subtle, so very subtle. Yet some have fought it for even more than 35 years. The true lifers have stayed the course from womb to tomb. God alone knows those who are on that roll of honour. Abandoned by a many a leader, they have stayed in their trenches. They see that the enemy is afraid, and hates due to the fear of being crushed. Trying to convince the enemy that he is loved is humanly impossible. The old lifers do not rely on their own strength. Their reward will be great in Heaven.

Today’s Task?

Today’s Task?



Nobody would deny that the Catholic Faith has been lost by many. Even in the Church the Faith is often not even known. Stay around a Catholic parish long enough and you’ll hear errors being taught as doctrine.

Well, the way to combat ignorance is through the spiritual work of mercy – instruct the ignorant. Our Lord, after all, instructed His first followers. Yet once He had taught them, He sent them to teach us! It has to be done in the name of Our Lord. He is the Master; we his students. Teaching in His name is true charity: love of neighbor for the sake of God.

So here goes. Teaching and learning the Faith. The Baltimore Catechism is the source for the teaching. The comments are mine.

Q. 126. What do we mean by the “end of man”?

A. By the “end of man” we mean the purpose for which he was created: namely, to know, love, and serve God.

Brilliant. Memorize it. Pin it up on the bathroom mirror. Memorize it. Ponder it. Sing it even!

I used to think the end of man was Heaven. And I suppose it is the remote end. Yet, I am created to know, love, and served God in this world. Elsewhere there is teaching that asks: “Why did God make us?” And the answer is: “God made us to show forth His goodness, and share with us His everlasting happiness in Heaven.” Love it, don’t you? So the purpose of man’s existence is to reflect God’s goodness – show it to others! To do this one has to know Him, love Him, and serve Him. Yeeehaa!!!

Looking for your vocation in life? There is it is! What would the point be of being married with lots of wee ones; or of being a monk or a nun if one didn’t know Him, love Him, and serve Him. Anything without this purpose built into it misses the mark.

Today’s gift? Knowing that I must know Him, love Him, and serve Him.

Today’s task? To know Him, love Him, and serve Him.

Teaching others to do the same is a profound act of charity.

Common Denominator

Common Denominator


What do you call an angry loser?  A fallen human being!

What do you call a gloating winner? A fallen  human being!

What do you call an unhappy woman? A fallen human being!

What do you call a liar? A fallen human being!

What do you call a pope who talks rubbish? A fallen human being!

What do you call a Scotsman scribbling nonsense? A fallen human being!

Get the gist?

What’s the common denominator? The need  for Divine Mercy!

Almost done – the Year of Mercy. Thank God.

Now DIVINE Mercy can be spoken about, and sinners need for it. What time are Confessions, Father?

Trust Has Triumphed!

Trust Has Triumphed!


Hatred is a terrible thing. It rips the soul apart, and drives a man insane. It can also be very subtle – waiting its moment to erupt and kill. Hatred often is like a sniper’s bullet. Yet, like every evil, it is defeated by one word: trust.

There are those who are raging at present because hatred is burning in their hearts. Clowns were sent out into the circus and they were expecting to be entertained by them. When the clowns turned into serpents and started devouring the children in the front rows some of them cheered. Others were left in disbelief – hoping that what was happening was not happening. Could evil really have entered into a family gathering?

The innocent were stoned. The innocent were thrown to the lions. The innocent were terminated and lied to by smiling tyrants. The innocent were bombed and tortured. The clowns believed they had triumphed. The believed they’d played their trump card – mocking every commandment of God. Each one followed the other and cried out in hatred, “Non serviam!”

It was subtle, and it was cruel. They laughed and jeered at the little ones: holding up their ideas of utopia against Christ the King. Building nations on falsehoods, they were brought down – even as their masters thought they had won. It was their hubris that crushed them. It was their own folly that crushed them. It was their hatred of the truth, born from charity, that crushed them. It was their hatred of God, who permits evil, which crushed them. Sin is its own punishment.

So how was evil defeated? And how is it being defeated? One word: trust. Trust in God’s goodness – not in man’s lies and deceits. The evil frightened many but it brought a few souls to their knees. “We face great evils,” they said. And then they remembered: “Evil only triumphs when the good fail to trust in God’s goodness.”

And so the evil of serpents posing as clowns was defeated by those who waited on the Lord. Trust strengthened the hearts of the humble. Before evil they stood firm. On their knees they brought down the fire of love, and with this brought down an evil empire. The storm passed over them – even if just for a moment. They know evil lies in the heart. It triumphs were hatred is subtle. But they know it cannot defeat those who allow God to give what is best for man. They know that trust is the key to unleashing the fire that burns away all hatred.

They have fought the fight for truth and goodness.  In Christ, they have held the world in existence for another day, and are preparing now for another battle. They are very few – maybe only a handful. In them trust cannot be assassinated – it places their souls in the care of He who is Truth and Goodness Itself. May we join them in this fight.

The Choice is Simple

The Choice is Simple


Who did the sowing? How did this come about?

There is a clear choice for a certain country –  and for every other country. Man either follows all that God has revealed in order to be happy, both in this life and the life to come, or he follows himself into the abyss. He either follows the truth (both natural and supernatural) or he follows nutty ideas of those claiming to have divine revelations (which are obviously false since the contradict reason); or nutty ideas of those who just simply contradict reason.

The choice is difficult if you’re living in a country that you’d love to think was Christian but is actually built on ideas driven by the nut-job who pinned his nutty ideas to a big door 500 years ago. His central idea was, “Nobody will tell me what is right and what is wrong!” He tried to make it sound theologically tenable but it was, basically, “sola meo”. He was the original rebel without a cause. 500 years later what he sowed is still producing it’s horrible fruits.

The choice is easy: dump the bad theology. Theological relativism bears fruit in moral relativism, and social chaos. Nobody trusts anybody. Most people in the Western Hemisphere – whether they like it or not, and whether they want to be or not – are little tyrants. Their rights are theirs against the rights of anybody else. Even God’s rights are trampled on. It’s all fruit of 500 years of “sola meo”. The original nutter cursed and shouted at people in German, and encouraged everyone else to do the same. But when they took him literally he chickened out; sided with his pay-masters, and had the peasants slaughtered. The pay-masters now pretend to be one with the people. Monism rules the roost.

Bad theology leads to bad politics.

The choice is clear: renounce the “sola meo” mentality. Don’t try and defend one’s nation as if it were God. If you’re Russian admit your nation has slaughtered millions of innocent people. If you are American admit the same. If you are British or Irish admit that your ‘holy nations’ have been involved too in injustices. Chinese? Get real! If you are Arab or Israeli admit the truth that you were not immaculately conceived. In other words, if you are a human person, born from the will of the flesh, admit your fallen human nature – and that of your people’s – and turn to Christ, the Sovereign High Priest for His Mercy. Only He can lead you out of the darkness. The Scots need him probably more than any other people.

Turn away from the “sola meo” theology. Turn away from the false idea that everyone is his own pope. Only then will a people or a nation begin to raise up men and women of virtue, instead of men and women of vice who buy their way into positions of power.

You hate injustices? Then submitt to what God has revealed. If you don’t then you act unjustly. You are the unjust one since you reject the very source of justice.

You say you do not believe it God. That’s as stupid as me saying  to you: “I do not believe you exist.” If God doesn’t exist then you don’t exist. But you do – as you well know. Your joys, your sufferings, your hardships, even your victories, remind you of it daily. God is. He is the source of the justice your looking for. And what He has revealed cannot be a deception, because that would mean He was not God. His Church has been established by Himself – it alone has divine authority. With this authority it can judge peoples and nations. It was sent to rule over ‘the twelve tribes of Israel’ – to rule over all the nations in order to bring them to Christ. Anything else is “sola me-ism”.

The choice is simple: enthrone Christ as King of your nation and the false ideas will be dethroned.

You don’t want the candidates that “sola me-ism” has thrown up? Dump the nonsense of the last 500 years, repent, and submit to the authority of Peter’s successor – even if he tells you don’t need to do so. What other choice do you have? Someone created in your own image and likeness! The choice is simple: simple doesn’t mean easy.

It’s not my opinion: every knee must bow before Christ the King. If that were just someone’s opinion it would be a leaf out of the “sola meo” text book. The choice is simple: break out from under Luther’s curse. Then you’ll have true hope of change.

This Time of Year and the Dies Irae

This Time of Year and the Dies Irae

Funny how some times are more pronounced than others. What are they for you? Is it Spring’s freshness? Or Summer’s sparseness (for those living in the summerless lands!)? What season does what to you? Autumn turning into Winter speaks of the end of life.

Once upon a time an old professor, who’d seen enough exam papers to last a lifetime, decided to change things around. Students weren’t what they were when he was a lad. Back then the entrance exam to the Classics department was to translate sections of the day’s London Times into Homer’s Greek, and Cicero’s Latin. The students had no prior knowledge of the texts presented to them – they simply had to know how to do the task. This was even before they started university. Today his former university doesn’t even have a Classics department. He decided to give his dear students grades based on talent rather than nothing.

Being an old traditional kind of chap, who was eventually buried according the ancient rites of Holy Mother Church, he set them a challenge – if they could sing the Dies Irae for him they would pass the course.

They did so, and they sung it as a choir. Fortunately, the class had a trained singer among them – she guided them to a reasonable standard.

When they came to perform, however, there were more than a few who used the heart rather than the head. Memorization was not a virtue that had been encouraged among a younger generation. They had not cultivated a basic human skill. The old professor tried to encourage it as best he could.

The heart, however, as it often does, won out over the head – and the professor smiled as more than a few mimed their way through the piece.

Years later, shortly before he passed away, he bumped into one of that illustrious band of would be monks and nuns. He smiled, remembering the performance from the heart. And his heart was warmed when the student – now more mature and wise than when he had been as a student said: “You know, Professor, whenever Autumn comes around I find myself singing the Dies Irae. It just seems to be there.”

The old professor smiled. He died a happy man – and the students sang at his funeral for the repose of his soul.

What is Your Favourite Charity?

What is Your Favourite Charity?


Where is our Charity?

What would you do to relieve you Grandmother’s suffering? What about an uncle who was far from God most of his life but came back shortly before he died? What about so many who die in a state of grace but not in a state of perfection union with God – what would you do to relieve their suffering? Have you got a thought for them when you think about your ‘charities’?

Good Works – but for Whom?

There seems to be a frenetic craziness about giving to charities. This seems to be the mark of a good person these days. Even big companies tell the world about their ‘good works.’ Why don’t they just serve people on the quiet? Are they really trying to highlight a tragedy or are they using human misery as an advertising ploy? Yes, they are doing good works but for whom?

Catholics seem to have fallen into this ‘solve the world’s problems’ mentality. If they were faithful to what the Church has constantly taught would they not demand that priests offer the 3 Masses on All Souls Day? Love for the Holy Souls is still found in pockets of Catholicism here and there, but it seems that the New Religion (be it called ‘Cath-erans’ or ‘Luth-olics’) has no love whatsoever for those souls suffering the temporal and just punishments of Purgatory. They have no love for them because they think that Purgatory is an old story and ‘we don’t believe that anymore.’ How can they help the Holy Souls when they don’t believe the doctrines concerning them?

The Saints Teach the Truth!

Today there are very few who reach out, so speak, to help their own brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, friends and relatives, who are suffering in the fires of Purgatory. Or so it seems. Yes, there are plenty of charities but why is there so little charity? How did it happen that Catholics lost the truth about the Suffering Church?

Maybe it’s because Catholics don’t get the truths of the Faith given to them. Maybe this thought from one of the Saints concerning Purgatory might help:

[The next night] I saw my Guardian Angel, who ordered me to follow him. In a moment I was in a misty place full of fire in which there was a great crowd of suffering souls. They were praying fervently, but to no avail, for themselves; only we can come to their aid. The flames which were burning them did not touch me at all. My Guardian Angel did not leave me for an instant. I asked these souls what their greatest suffering was. They answered me in one voice that their greatest torment was longing for God. I saw Our Lady visiting the souls in Purgatory. The souls call her “The Star of the Sea.” She brings them refreshment. I wanted to talk with them some more, but my Guardian Angel beckoned me to leave. We went out of that prison of suffering. [I heard an interior voice] which said, My mercy does not want this, but justice demands it. Since that time, I am in closer communion with the suffering souls. (St. Faustina Maria Kowalska, Diary, 20).

Charity begins at home! But how can Catholics exercise these acts of deep love for God and those whom He has chosen if they do not believe what God has revealed? And how can they know what God has revealed if the Truths of the Faith are not taught, or are distorted for a cheap photo-shot? Thank God there is at least one bishop who loves the Holy Souls enough to speak the truth – in season and out of season!