The Only Election that Matters!

The Only Election that Matters!

They’ve got it! They are the winning Team!!!

Decide for God – they did, by His grace!!!! Happy Feast Day my dearest brothers and sisters, my dearest friends! Thank you for all your prayers.

May the world know that you are the true victors. You are the elected ones. And democracy had nothing – ABOSOLUTELY NOTHING – to do with it! God chose you from all eternity to given Him glory. And today – your feast day – tells me (and this isn’t “opinion”) the truth that we are ‘surrounded by a cloud of witnesses.’ Surrounded!!! Protected!!!! Helped by the strongest army one could ever imagine. The world cannot stop what God gives through your intercession.

Thank you Holy Trinity for all Your Saints! All the Saints are Your Saints! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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