The Smiling Ones

The Smiling Ones


Do You Want to Know the Secret to True Beauty?

Who was more beautiful – Mother Teresa (who had a face like an old boot?) or Princess Diana (the little girl exploited by those who should have known better!)?

Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Imagine saying to someone: “You’re beautiful because I say so!” A wife would soon give her husband a slap on the face if he said such a thing.

What then was the secret of Mother Teresa’s beauty? Was it simply her smile?  What makes someone beautiful even when their face is old and wrinkled?

Seems more likely that it came not from herself, but from God. She became more beautiful the more she reflected God! Do you want to be beautiful? Radiate God and you’ll shine! The more you love the more beautiful you become.

Rest in the Son to Reflect Real Beauty

For the health of your soul you must spend as much time – in fact, all your time – in the Son. If you step into the darkness (of sin) you will quickly become ‘as ugly as sin’. That old expression says it all: sin is ugly.

Have you ever noticed how ugly many glamorous people look?

If you want to see real beauty wait in line for Confession. You’ll have to go somewhere where you’re not the only one receiving this most priceless of gifts. That may be difficult to do in these “sinless days” when everyone is “immaculately conceived”!!! The point? Go, and notice the beauty on the faces of those who receive the Sacrament.

Ask them how they feel after Confession.

Ask them would they like to rest in this reality forever.

It’s called true freedom. The freedom of resting in the only Son worth basking in. The Son who does not damage or kill with dangerous doses of radiation. But the Son who gives life through His Death and Resurrection. He alone has the anti-aging product you need: it’s called GRACE.

How Does GRACE Make You Beautiful?

GRACE is a totally supernatural reality. Sanctifying GRACE – poured into the soul in Baptism and given in each of the seven Sacraments – makes the soul holy and pleasing to God. It makes the soul beautiful in God’s sight.

Actual GRACE gives the soul supernatural help for the actual situation it finds itself in. It allows the soul to stay beautiful in each moment by bringing light to the intellect and strength to the will.

Without this life of grace a soul is far from God. Someone without this grace in his soul is not an adopted child of God. Nor is he possessed by the Holy Spirit. Nor does he have the right to Heaven. That is what is called an ugly state to be in. Without God’s life in your soul – without GRACE – you are an enemy of God. So teaches the Baltimore Catechism.

So GRACE is a sharing in God’s life. It’s more than simply having the general presence of God in one’s being. The cows in the fields have God’s general presence. Everything does. But GRACE gives participation in God’s own life: it gives His special presence to the soul. It is what makes a soul radiate with God’s love for others. It makes a soul – like Mother Teresa – beautiful.

Do You Want to Be Beautiful?

Don’t spend hours looking in the mirror. Don’t spend hours thinking about yourself. Spend hours in the Son. Spend hours in preparation for Confession and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Spend hours on those Rosary beads. Spend hours with the Immaculata in the presence of Her Son, exposed fittingly in the Blessed Sacrament. Spend hours in prayer.

Are you serious about being beautiful – really beautiful, not plastic-Hollywood-beautiful? Then look, not in the mirror, but into the Son. Look into His Face. Especially in Confession. Confession! Confession! Confession! Oh, what a joy!

Someone said to a bishop recently: “Sorry, My Lord, but I’ve given up on the ‘New Evangelization’. If it’s not Confession centred then I’m out! The answer to all this ugliness – inside and outside the Church – is true beauty. And without Confession we’re trapped in ugly old sins. Confession! Confession! Confession! The Secret to Beauty! I’ve not hear that from an New Evangelist.”

Do you want to be beautiful? Go to Confession EVERY WEEK – in is an act of the highest faith, hope, and charity. The more you believe, hope, and love God, the more beautiful you become!

There is only one line worth being in: the line to Confession. See you there, by the grace of God – smiling!

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