It’s all about the Journey?

It’s all about the Journey?

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“Where are we going, Dad?” Does this question even matter?

“It’s all about the journey!”

What? What journey?

The phrase, “It’s all about the journey!” has something to it, but something about it is not quite right. Is life simply a journey?

If it is a journey then where are you coming from and where are you going to? If you aren’t coming from somewhere, and are not going somewhere, then how is it a journey?

The end is the principle of human activity: without an end nothing can be done. You can’t read this unless you have an intention in doing so! You can’t go on a journey unless you intend to do so. Life can’t be a journey unless it has a end. Someone has to have had the intention of initiating the journey.

Life is a journey? Yes, we are viatores (those who are on their way).

Question: On their way to what or to where?

If it’s all about the journey (the experience, the buzz, the thrill of the present moment) then how does it all fit together? How is selfishness – so subtle in it’s penetration of the human heart – kept at bay? If there is no final end then none of it makes any sense. It would not be a journey but a…..????? It would not be. Created life would not exist.

The gift of the journey is given by the Giver of all that is good. This is why you can say, “Life is good because it’s end (i.e. God) is Good.” It fits together thanks to God’s omnipresence and omnipotence – always holding it in the goodness of existence. Every step of the journey is underpinned with God’s highway. You can go off the track but that won’t get you home.

No God, No Journey; Know God – and you’ll know why it is a journey! And how good a journey God wills it to be. Stay on the track and you’ll be on track to get home to your eternal Father.


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