How to Work for the Most Beautiful Lady!

How to Work for the Most Beautiful Lady!

Here’s a very interesting movie.

You and I have something in common – we need to eat and drink; sleep and wake. We need to do everyday things.

Work is an everyday thing that is good for the soul. Too much of it is as stupid as too much alchohol.

Working without seeing any light at the end of the tunnel (no sign of getting a reward for you hard work) is debilitating to the soul. Getting the reward that the labourer deserves is only just. The movie attached here puts forward an alternative way. It too can be offered to the Immaculata so as to become a way to holiness with Her.

And remember, if you make your millions give it all to Her – she’ll pay all the bills for you; ensure you are well feed; and even give you lots of time with you family! “Seek first God’s Kingdom, and all these other things will be given unto you.”

That’s a divine promise.



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