Free Strategy to Happiness

Free Strategy to Happiness


All of the Strategies and Tactics Used by the World’s Most Important People, Distilled into Easy to Follow Steps

  • Everything you need to know about getting to Heaven, being happy in this world, through knowing, loving, and serving God
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to love your neighbour as yourself for the love of God, but without all the irrationality in other religions
  • The quickest way to union with God ever given – as taught by those who have “been there”, “done that”
  • A look into the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, where the Church shows you exactly how to be happy

Together, with the Saints throughout the Ages, poor sinners have been led to repentance and faith thanks to the grace of God working in their souls


The Biggest Secret to Growing in Holiness for You, Your Family, Your Friends, and Your Enemies

Would you like to know the secret to happiness?

Let me be blunt: there are very few people in the world who can tell you.

The vast majority of so-called Catholics are sleeping, or at best, sleep walking. Many are taking no advantage of the Sacraments at all.

As for the Rosary? Where are they?

Why should they bother? Sure, we’re all going Heaven – are we not? Don’t think so.


The vast majority of so-called famous Catholics were bright and made a mark on history. But they were not all Saints.

Only the Saints are the true measure of Catholicism. You don’t measure an organization by its worst – but by its best.

To be Saints they relied totally on God’s goodness. They didn’t believe in themselves. They loved themselves the way God commanded – as they loved their neighbour for the love of God.

Popularity did not phase them – or attract them. Only God! Only God was their passion. They desired only union with Him.

It wasn’t a piece of luck that got them to Heaven: it was God’s grace; their participation in God’s life. Why did He choose them to be Saints? Because He wanted to!

Are you jealous? Then you’re not a Saint – saints are not envious of God’s gifts to someone else.

“WHAT?! No Need to For Money to Get into Heaven?”

That’s right. Sorry to disappoint you.

The truth alone is enough. God doesn’t want your money! He doesn’t need it. In fact, it is probably an obstacle to union with Him.

He doesn’t cross the road to meet you just because you have money, power, of prestige. Instead, He carries the Cross for you and to you – helping you become rich in what matters: charity.

You’ve heard stories about how you need to be famous and have everybody talking about what you’re saying. You think you need to be the centre of every conversation. God sees through all that nonsense.

God has the plan: it is the only plan that will last. If your plan is not fitting into THE plan then you’re onto a loser.

Want to be a winner? Chose the Winner’s plan.

What is the plan? Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

What must you do to be save? You must believe what God has revealed and keep His laws to be saved (Baltimore).

The Only Church Designed Exclusively in Heaven for Would Be-Saints Who Are Tired of Messing around with Watered-Down Catholicism

From what I’ve seen, there are two types of Catholics:

  • Cultural Catholics: people who are formed more by the culture – especially the mass media culture – than they are by the Tradition of the Saints. They just like going along with the crowd, and they don’t care if anything comes of it. If they are told to believe and live in a way contrary to the God’s teachings they are none the wiser.
  • Serious Saints: people formed by the Mass of the Ages, and who see their need for God’s grace. Sure, they are in the world but they are not living for the world. Their real purpose to live, work, and die for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. They expect to be judged on that front. They are serious but they laugh at their own patheticness!

The problem is, most of the Catholic-talk is for cultural Catholics. It’s watered-down, culturally acceptable shallowness. It is neither hot nor cold.

The only simple thing you need is what the Church gives: God’s grace. It is what gives results – i.e. gets souls to Heaven.

If you’re wanting to be a serious saint then decide for God; decide for Our Lord; decide for His Church. Why? Because it is His Church.

It is not the popes’.

It is not the bishops’.

It is not the priests’.

And it is especially not the laity’s.

It belongs to Christ – it is His Body (mystically speaking).

It has dead members, and living members: those in a state of mortal sin; and those in a state of grace.

What is frustrating is that if you don’t hear these truths you are in grave danger of being lost for all eternity. Without the map you can’t follow the Way.

The Church has been given the map.

It’s Yours: Everything the Church Knows about Becoming a Saint

Not for the first time it is being said: Outside of Christ there is no salvation. I’m just repeating this. The other way is: extra ecclesia nulla salus!

And since Christ gave us the Church then deliberately rejecting the Church is deliberately rejecting Him. So here’s the deal:

  • Only at the price of one Hail Mary (i.e. for nothing!) will I repeat this teaching: Go to Mary!
  • It is all to be found in the Church: Go to Mary!
  • There are a thousand million things that could be said but keep it simple: Go to Mary!
  • There are Saints for every type of person who say: Go to Mary!
  • The Church belongs to Christ and He says: “Behold thy Mother”.
  • There are book, videos, DVDs, all kinds of tools but you must  Go to Mary!
  • There is one shortcut to happiness – the Immaculate Heart, so Go to Mary!
  • You can feed the poor, clothe the naked: better still, do it with Mary!

Here’s Just a Little of What You’ll Discover in Mary

What kinds of topics does holiness cover? Where does Mary lead? Here’s a list of paths that members of the Mystical Body of Christ are currently enjoying:

  • Policemen in New York consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Surgeons in Africa consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Mothers in Russia consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Plumbers in London consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Pilots in the skies consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Teachers in Belfast consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Miners in Siberia consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Journalists in Australia consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Engineers in Argentina consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Nurses in Namibia consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Care Officers in Denmark consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Soldiers in Syria consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Welders in Bolivia consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Mariners in Malta consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Surfers in California consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Mountaineers on Everest consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Footballers in the Bernabeau consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Hikers in the Highlands consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Children in Haiti consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Pensioners in Poland consecrated to Heart.
  • The list goes on and on and on and on….. Don’t forget all the priests and religious!

How Is All This Different from other Groups? What is the Strategy and Promised Tactic?

Mary is with the Church by the will of Christ. She wants only what He wants. He doesn’t want 50,000 “churches”. 500 years on from Martin (Silly Man) Luther what do you have?

Multiple religions and religious wars?

Not the will of Christ.

Not being with Mary in Christ.

Being with Mary in Christ in called being Catholic. Under the Supreme authority of the Vicar of Christ (whether he’s faithful or not) is the will of Christ.

One True Religion – divinely revealed (and in accord with reason).

Being with Mary in Christ is where this flows from.

Being with Mary in Christ – the STRATEGY.

Being with Christ through Mary –  the SECRET.

Being with Mary in and for Christ – the TACTIC!!!

Viva! Viva! Viva Immaculata!

Get your guarantee to Heaven now: consecrate yourself to Mary, and stay with Her all your days!


You may notice this is an attempt to steal one of those advertisements, which promise the world. The attempt is to try to use it for the honour of the Immaculata. It may be a failed attempt, but hey-ho, She’ll take and give it to Her Son who promised us Heaven!

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