You Can’t Afford to Miss this One!

You Can’t Afford to Miss this One!



Ever get the impression that everybody is trying to sell something?

You’re right. Everybody’s try to pitch something in your direction. It’s part of the way you and I are – we want people to accept us. And if they accept us, they ‘buy into’ what we’re saying. No harm in it.

Unless they are selling damaged goods – or falsehoods. Or desecrating our sacred ‘space.’ You don’t like it; neither do I. It’s a threat to our life.

What about God? Is He trying to sell us something? Trying to get us to ‘buy into’ some idea? Trying to give us some nonsense?

Nope. To think so would be as silly as to think that a dad needs to prove to his child that he is his father. The child simply has it as fact: this is dad. He doesn’t have to prove himself.

God can neither deceive nor be deceived. That’s why anyone has Faith – it is not built on anything other than God’s Word (it’s not a word that is trying to sell something!). To think God can deceive is what lies at the root of many deep psychological problems. If God were able to lie then who could be trusted. Sorry, but that ain’t God.

God is Truth. ‘Truth itself speaks truly, or there is nothing true!’

Can you and I afford to miss His Word? Nope. It is the one thing necessary – God’s Word, through whom you and I were made. Take it, not on my word, but on God’s Word: you need Him but He doesn’t need you. He holds you in existence. He’s doing what you and I cannot do.

Can you do without Him? Don’t be silly.

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