Join the Biggest Network Marketing Body in the World for Free!

Join the Biggest Network Marketing Body in the World for Free!

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What is the biggest Network Marketing Body in the World?

First, you need to know what is meant by Network Marketing, or Multi-Level-Marketing.

It’s not pyramid selling, or some kind of scam: it is the best way to run a business. Don’t believe me? Do the research. Companies are realizing that the Old Economy is gone: the internet has revolutionized what can be done. People on opposites sides of the planet can be involved in promoting products from their own homes.

Anyway, Network Marketing is providing a service, or a product through a network of distributors who run their own businesses. It is at the heart of the New Economy. Are you online? Most businesses today are – because they can reach people without teams of sales personnel. Businesses that follow the Network Marketing model have customers who are distributors; and who bring in other customers to be distributors. They build teams of customer-distributors.

So? What’s this Got to Do with the Price of Bread?

Well, if you know that Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said something along the lines that if a man brought another man to Christ in a year; and if they two then brought another two in another year; and if they four then brought another four after the next year; and if they eight then brought another eight after another year…and so on for thirty years, then after 30 years there would be another 1,073, 741, 824 Catholics!!! And that was just men bringing men – what if the lovely ladies did the same?

The point is: the Network Marketing folk see where this can go. They’ve cotton on to what people can do when it comes to buying and selling. What about Catholics? Has the penny not dropped yet that the world is there to be taken for Christ! The market is there to be cornered. A network of supernatural charity is what is on offer – and it’s free. Get rich quick: use the Sacraments, pray the Rosary, love God and your neighbour as yourself for the love of God!!!! ‘Seek first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these other things will be added unto you.’

Here’s what you might notice: the Catholic Church is the biggest networking set-up out there. Each individual is a member, but each individual is responsible for his own business. This brings new meaning to someone saying to you, “Mind your own business.” The business at hand is working for the salvation of souls. If Catholics are not about working to save their own souls and the souls of whoever they meet then the Church – as is noticeable in so-called ‘developed nations’ – is future-history. Other businesses will take its customers. And who are the other ‘businesses’? False religions, inspired by the Evil One. The Church has the ‘one thing necessary’ – Christ. He set the business up that way. The Church’s business is the salvation of souls: working for that gives glory to God.  And if the members don’t run their businesses according to Christ’s master-plan then their membership will be terminated – it is called Hell.

Network Marketing has many advocates – usually people who have achieved financial success. Good for them. Here’s hoping they are in a state of grace – especially when they die. One of them is a guy called Eric Worre. His work GoPro: 7 Steps to Becoming A Network Marketing Professional is worth a read. But what’s it got to do with the Faith? Nothing. But if you’re looking for God you’ll even find in it something.

Totally Dedicated to the Business – of Saving Souls

Here’s the deal (as Josh McCallen used to say): people are only successful at the Network Marketing when then take on the mindset of a professional. In a similar way you’ll only get to Heaven if you GoHo – take on the mindset of someone on the pilgrimage of holiness. To make big bucks you need to GoPro; to get to Heaven you need to GoHo. It is all about holiness – not the making bucks (that sounds a bit like the deadly sin of usury) but the way you live your life. Afterall, ‘What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?’

What then is the biggest win-win club in town? Cut the nonsense and notice that you are either a living member – of the Mystical Body of Christ – or a dead member (i.e. someone living in a state of mortal sin). Remember that old Baltimore/Penny Catechism: it speaks of being an enemy of God. That sounds like not being on the winning team when it comes to the Day of Judgement. So it’s time to shape up and GoHo.

Here’s another reason why the Church is the Network that you should be part of: without Christ you are lost. Without Christ I am lost.

Ever seen the bumper sticker: No Christ, No Life: Know Christ, Know Life? There are variations of it. Here’s one: No Church, No Christ: Know Church, Know Christ.

Today you’ll find the post-modernists who want to destroy grammar so as to destroy Christianity. They don’t say, “The Church”, but just “Church”. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. St. Paul’s teaching on the Body of Christ is pretty specific. It is His Body! Those who are baptised are in Christ: members of His Body, His Church. Yes, We are His Church!!! Without Him (without being in Christ) on the Day of Judgement all the other members can do nothing for you. Like Network Marketing – you either take it seriously and professionally (like the Saints in their journey to Christ) or you fail.

And like Networking Marketing you need team, support, training, commitment, friendship, and dedication. Without these life as a member of Christ’s Body is like living in a comma (or semi-coma: been there, done that!).

But these are all to be found in the Church if you get off your butt: there is support (and you can give it); there is training (it’s called the lives of the saints); and there is commitment (look at the martyrs and confessors even today); and there is friendship (union with God and forgiveness of enemies); and dedication (look at the little old ladies who pray the rosary constantly). It’s all there in Christ – in a supernatural manner.

What use is the Church then? It is His Mystical Body. It is what shows Him to the world – allowing the elect to come into union with the Blessed Trinity; allowing them to flee the world (fuga mundi). The use of the Church? It is that great Body in union with its Head that gives glory and praise to the Blessed Trinity. It is where you become richer than the richest. It is where you are united with all the angels and saints; and it is where supernatural life is poured into the soul.

Decide to Go Ho!

Eric Worre’s sound-bite is: “Ladies and gentlemen, my wish for you is that you decide to become a Network Marketing Professional – you decide to Go Pro – because it is stone-cold fact that we have a better way. Now let’s go tell the world.”

Catholics sound-bite is: “Sinners becoming Saints, my wish for you is that you decide to become professional Catholics – you decide to Go Ho – because it is a stone-cold fact that Christ is the Way. Now let’s go tell the world all that He has commanded.”

It is the team to be on; it is the team where the truth is available – the full truth about God and man. And yes, this team even has a Mother who looks after all the members – she is like the neck of the body, uniting each member to the Head! Viva Immaculata.


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