What Do You Once You’ve Climbed Everest?

What Do You Once You’ve Climbed Everest?


Have you ever met someone who has climbed Mount Everest? No? Neither have I.

What about someone who knows someone who has climbed it? Yes. Same here.

The Question Every Champion of Everest Gets

What did you ask about it? Did you ask: “How long did it take?” Or: “What was it like?” I suppose those are questions to someone who knows someone who climbed Mount Everest. But the real question is for the climber – if you meet him. Have a look.

“What did you do once you’d climbed it?”

What’s the Obvious Answer?

“I climbed down again.”

Why are we looking for more? The simple is so obvious. No man ever did anything else after climbing the world’s most famous peak. You go up. You come down. With God it is the same. You either go up or you go down. Heaven, or Hell. You can’t have both the ascent and the descent at the same time. Moses went up and came down. Peter, James, and John went up, and came down again.

Our Lord? He came down so as to go down, and He rose up in order to take man up!

The Take Away?

What do you do when you’ve done it all?

Go down into death, death-to-self, so as to rise again in Him. In fact, better to go to Him first rather than chasing shadows.

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