3 Ways to Know that God Loves You.

3 Ways to Know that God Loves You.


There are a millions of things you can do to know that God loves you. Here are three:

  1. Look up at the sky – it’s always been there for you. Even if you have a Chicken-Licken mentality: it’s still there for you. And like God – it always will be!

  2. Keep thinking about this – you’re trying to find the truth. Ask yourself: Is this a con, another attempt to fleece me? You’re trying to figure this out. Keep thinking.

    You simply want the truth. Even more, you want justice since there have been times when the truth was denied it’s rightful place in your life. Someone walked all over you and walked away. You’re thinking about truth and justice. Not your own inventions but something me and you want. God loves you and gives you this desire for truth and justice. Even if you blame Him.

  3. Know that today is Her day! It was almost 100 years ago that the sun fell from it’s axis over Fatima in Portugal. It was witnessed by over 70,000 people – including the sceptics. It convinced them she had appeared. The third thing (keeping the best ’til last): pray the Rosary!

Yes, the best way to know that God loves you is go to the Immaculata. She knows what you need. She has what you need. And she’s bringing you Who you need.

How will her Immaculate Heart Triumph? Only God knows. But it will. Yes, her Immaculate Heart will triumph. She promised.

Be patient.

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