How to be Happy: Lesson 2

How to be Happy: Lesson 2


So you want to be happy. The discussion has started [here]. What next? Be honest!

Look at the miserable folk – and I don’t mean the unfortunate ones who are lying in the gutter, or who are suffering from cancer, or some other tragedy in life.

The miserable folk? Yes, the ones who have everything the world has to offer and are still ungrateful, selfish, and you could even say pathetic in their attempts to be eternal youth. They want everything so as to try and keep the one thing away that they know is coming.

What then do they not have that makes them miserable?

Simple: control over life and death. Every day they wake up and are older. Life is going in one direction only. Exercise regimes; diets; and yoga meditations. Attempts to keep it away. All drivel! Be honest – our dear Mr. Gates has not got the answer [here]. And if he hasn’t been able to get it (i.e. buy it) with all his pennies then be honest – no-one can buy it.

Not being able to get what you want is a real test – especially if you think you are entitled to it. That explains the quest for power (i.e. power over others – “They will be my slaves!”). It explains the quest for riches (i.e. stock piling material – “I have unlimited material goods to keep me going forever”). And it explains, the messed up ideas about man’s procreative faculties (i.e. twisted ideas about the way in which to pass on life – “It’s my body…a toy to be played with as I think, and I can control who lives and who dies.”). Be honest – this is not the way of happiness.

Each day things pass away. Gone forever. Gone. Dead. What happened to your last night out? Gone. What happened to your pet rabbit? Gone. What happened to the ‘great generation’? Gone. All gone. Be honest. Nothing lasts.

You and I, and everybody else you can think of, we are all in the same boat. But is it rushing toward the pit of doom? Is the great cosmic Niagra Falls waiting for us all? Yes, in a sense.

Be honest. You are not in control – absolutely. You are not independent – absolutely. Not nice to hear, eh?

How then can you be happy? Is life a b…. and then you die? No, that’s a lie.

Life is either a gift that leads to a choice or it is not life. And you know that God exist because you are reading this and thinking, and you are a reflection of someone greater than yourself to whom you are indebted for existing. Yet, at the end of it you die. The choice is between being for or against life’s source. Where are you? Where am I? Do you choose life or death?

Be honest. Face death – every day – and know you cannot lick it. You CANNOT. Admitt it. But do not despair – unless you want to go to Hell [here].

To be happy, really happy, you have to overcome it. But how can you face it if you cannot lick it?

No one ever comes back. So you think. No one knows what is beyond the grave. So you think. Yet, the Giver (the one who gave you existence) knows what is beyond – and if the Giver has become like one of the gifts in order to lead them to Himself then the Giver is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The Giver gives the Way through Death to Life. The Giver gives the Truth about Death and Life [and He can neither decieve nor be decieved]. And the Giver gives the Life that conquers death – even now!!!! Happiness is given to the honest.

To be happy? Go to the Immaculate One – she points, leads, and carries little honest souls to the Giver.


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