One Good Man!

One Good Man!


A number of years ago there was a book written by Dr. Paul C. Vitz on the psychology behind atheism. It was entitled Faith of the Fatherless. The general thesis was that if the dad-child relationship is messed up then it’s more than likely that the child-God relationship will go out the window. Atheism often finds it’s home in the fatherless home.

Then there was another one, this time by Donald De Marco and Benjamin Wiker, entitled Architects of the Culture of Death. More pleasant reading! (Sarcasm intended). This one basically showed that all those folk you thought were mad – Marx, Nietzches, Sarte, Sanger, and Singer – really were from tragic family backgrounds. In other words, from families were there was not one good man to be found.

The basic point: if dad is an atheist – or a believer who acts like an atheist – then it’s more than likely little Johnny or Jeannie will reject God. Children will love what their parents love if they are loved by their parents; and what dad loves is really loved if he loves his children. If dad loves and honours God then he’ll love and guard his children, who’ll love and honour God.

Like any good psychology its pretty obvious. If dad is bad then things are more than likely going to turn out bad. Remember Adam? What’s more, once children are infected with hatred or indifference toward dad then it’s easier to let dads be called evil. A whole industry has been built around forcing dads to believe they are the problem, and that they should hand their money over to someone else who will take it (and their children) and make everything better. It’s easy to stand by and allow the mad ones to shape the world in their anger towards their own dads, and every dad. In this God has no chance.

And it is true. God has no chance – He is pure act, there is no potential in Him. Hollywood can’t sell Him. The fact is that He doesn’t need a chance to prove Himself. He doesn’t need Hollywood or any media outlet. He doesn’t even need EWTN! Why? Well, He doesn’t need anything. He’s pure act, self-subsisting existence and all that metaphysical jazz! He doesn’t need followers on Twitter; He doesn’t need friends on Facebook; and He doesn’t even need to be LinkedIn to find something to do. He is. He doesn’t need any body!

Man is the needy one. Period. And every man, woman, and child needs one good man in their lives to show them the goodness of God. Yes, good women can do it to a degree but without that good man, well…You know. It’s not rocket science.

Don’t despair. God has given that one Good Man, the Virgin’s Son! And that One Good Man is the Creator who made Himself look like a creature so that the Father’s face may be seen. Thank God for that Good Man who is the all-loving, good God Himself. In Him bad men can be redeemed. Don’t despair!


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