Post Your Comments?

Post Your Comments?


Ever tried to post comments on a prestigious blogg, or website? What about the New York Times? Or the Wall Street Journal? Or even the London Times? Guess you have to be part of the inner circle. Or at least a subscriber. The realization that allowing a free for all on posts is open to being hijacked by your political-ideological opponents was soon made by certain folk. You couldn’t allow such hugger-mugger to occur. People might start thinking. Still, it’s worth trying. It gets one thinking as to how to counter the suffocation-process. That is the process by which those who might say, “The king has no clothes on!” are silenced – or rather, not allowed near the microphone. Any form of publicity is publicity, so you’ve got to make your opponents into non-public faces or voices. Circle the wagons of atheistic-humanism.

Anyway, there’s a story in the Irish Times (boooo! booooo!) found here:
To post a comment you have to subscribe – an anathema to any good Scotsman, and to anyone of common sense. Here, however, is one crazy Scotman’s comments that he couldn’t get posted:
It takes more than facts to convince.

If your mother killed your sister would you grow up feeling safe? As for the men, well it is a rather convenient ‘solution’ calling it “a woman’s choice”.

The facts are the facts.

Without good will towards someone else – even a tiny embyro – then society is aborted. Everyone is a licenced tyrannt where might is right. Funny how the little unborn women don’t seem to have choice – oh, I wonder why?

 Abortion? Oh yes, that’s the cowardly society’s option: we cannot find the courage needed to help this little girl (or any woman). She’s 12 year old and pregnant – no sign of the dad (surprise, surprise) – so let’s just kill it. And pick up over 500,000 euros for doing so! Next please.

End of comments. It’s called sarcasm. It’s probably illegal. It’s what happens without the Truth. Viva Immaculata!

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