Running with Saints!

Running with Saints!


Running – it appears boring and can be after a awhile. Well, at least for some. Maybe if you can day-dream running for hours it isn’t so bad. Or maybe one has to be thinking about something that takes a great deal of time. Or maybe one needs patience. Or yet again, maybe one needs to be looking forward to something after the run. The fitness bit is really pretty straight forward – once one decides to do it – but the long hours? Patience, courage, aim, and other factors all come into it. Strange that one could prefer long long hikes and have an aversion to running. Yet the aversion is soon broken when one can run for miles and miles. It can really be very addictive.

Helen was a runner. She was also a dancer. What’s more – she was a red head! Now, she’s a saint of the highest ranking. She didn’t mince her words, even when the things she experienced were beyond words. Trying to make light of what she said, or of airbrushing out some of the other things does no justice to ‘the Apostle of Divine Mercy.’

Heaven is for the just; Hell is for the wicked. She says it.

Jesus, Mercy – I trust in You.

St. Faustina, I love you! Pray for me a stupid sinner. Thank you.

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