Get off this Page!!!!

Get off this Page!!!!



If you’re looking for work you might have more time on your hands than you’d like. Being ‘out-off-work’ is not the same as being on holiday/vacation. During the later time flies away and one tries to do as much as possible of what one wants to do (even if it is sitting around doing very little). When one is ‘out-of-work’ time drags and one’s spirits often sink. One simply has too much time, and too many rejections. One even ends up – if the local library provides the facilities – surfing all day. The librarian gives one a strange look when one arrives early in one’s swimming atire, with surf board under arm! California is usually too far off for most people who are searching for work but the temptation is great. The web really is something that catches, and it nicely uses up that time which one dreads having. For those who have never been in such a situation it is not a luxury but a pain in the proverbial. Time without purpose is like a weight that grows heavier as one becomes weaker.

What should one do? Simple – get off this page! Don’t even finish this article. Come back another time. Get off and, as the not too popular Lord Tebbit said in 1981, “Get on your bike!” He didn’t mean that literally – kind of difficult if you don’t have one – but simply meant that you have to make the effort. It’s hard advice to hear but it’s pretty basic. One has to do something about one’s situation if one wants to change it. Ask those who have come through Alcoholics Anonymous. They do not mince their words. In fact, their brutal honesty is what earns them so much respect. They’ll tell you straight: you don’t want to change the situation that’s why you’re doing nothing about it.

Just do it! That’s the advice of the Saints for us poor sinners about becoming saints. Do you want to be happy – eternally happy? You’ve got to do something about it. The what is the big question. What must one do? That old Baltimore Catechism nails it once more:

Q. What must we do to gain the happiness of Heaven?

A. To gain the happiness of Heaven we must know, love, and serve God in this world.

And it continues – in an unabashed non-ecumenical fashion:

Q. From whom do we learn to know, love, and serve God (in this world).

A. We learn to know, love, and serve God (in this world) from Jesus Christ who teaches us through the Catholic Church.

If surfing all day is not leading one in knowing, loving, and serving God in this world then GET OFF THIS PAGE and go to the Immaculata !!!!

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