The Little Flower? No 1968er!

The Little Flower? No 1968er!


“What a joy to remember that she is our Mother!

Since she loves us and knows our weakness, what have we to fear?”
(St. Therese of Lisieux)

Have you ever thought that all this talk about ‘love’ was a lot of sentimental cods-wallop? Yes, just the stuff for softies who don’t want to face the harshness of life? In other words, the stuff that atheists are so cynical about? Maybe they have a point, but then again since they are basically insane – believing things that no sane man believes (for example, that things just bring themselves into existence and continue do so!) – they probably don’t. The mad man will still feed himself but that doesn’t mean he should receive credit for doing so. Credit goes to those who care for him enough to ensure that he doesn’t choke on his food.

Being tired of hearing about ‘love’ is basically a frustration with fideism – faith without reason – and voluntarism. The later is the insanity of saying, “Well, that might be your opinion but…as far as I’m concerned….” It is what gives rise to Nietzche’s will to power. The frustration (and I’m partial to it) is with regard to things being said about love that are complete nonsense. Things like, “All you need is love.” This, as a response to someone’s question, “Why does God permit evil?”, is intellectual suicide or cowardliness. Yes, love is the answer, but if you can’t even define love then killing innocent human beings, or calling marriage whatever you want, is just the same as feeding the poor or helping your granny across the road! In other words, there’s no difference, “All is one and we are one, cookoo, ca-coo. I am a walrus!” Bunkum. If there are no differences between things, no expressions of the truth, rooted in first principles, then reason does not exist; and even the, “All you need is love” crowd have no meaning to their statements. You can’t even be understood is you say, “Who am I to judge?” God bless Lennon and McCartney but the lyrics of some of there songs are pure drivel. Why someone didn’t ask for a doctor to be called for when they spouted, “I am you and you are me, and we are one…”, I don’t know. Maybe it was the emperor has no clothes nonsense again. Love without truth is not love at all.

St. Therese loved Love – and she would not suffer to see it reduced to some sentimental nonsense. That is why she embraced suffering for Love, suffering in union with Love-crucified. Her Little Way was/is stronger than any military force, any political movement, and any social-media craze. Indeed, it is stronger than death itself since it draws from the Truth about Love. She was/is no whimp in the battle for souls. Carmelites are not 1968ers. She unleashes, by God’s grace, the full arsenal of charity: love of God above all things, and love of neighbour as oneself for the love of God. Love rooted in the Truth breaking the bonds of death through the power of suffering in union with Christ crucified. There’s nothing little about her ‘little way’. Her way is one with the Way.

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