Airborne, Are-Born, or Arbonne?

Airborne, Are-Born, or Arbonne?


Chickens often dream too many dreams. Can that be possible? Surely, it’s all about following one’s dreams? Well, when you get to a certain age – the dreams can be dreamed but the chicken is half-cooked. That team that you wanted to play for? Enjoy the dream but remember the old legs will only take one at one’s own speed, and before one knows it the other guy has danced his way up the field and scored again. Ah well, it’s good to dream – to a point.

Some days it seems as if the divine comedy really is being played out in one’s own back yard. Case in point. The Airborne, or the Parachute Regiment as it’s known in some countries, have competition in the form of a network marketing company. The tough are being out-jumped by promoters of some great natural products, and the chicken may have his day yet. This particular chicken grew up hearing about crazy things paratroopers would get up to and was attracted to it;  but this chicken kept his feet on the ground. Maybe it was coming from an Scottish-Irish family at the time when distant cousins – and not-so-distant ones – were facing the barrel of the Parachute Regiment on a regular bases that ensured the chicken didn’t go too near army basis!


Still, the attraction of the glory was always there, and it remains to a certain degree. Can you not see yourself jumping from 30,000; hiking 30 miles at breakneck speed; and then…No? Neither can the chicken. Well, he can see it but then he thinks about what lies at the end of the breakneck hike and has second thoughts. By that time he has thought about it the plane has already moved on, and he’s still dreaming. Funnily, however, the dream comes back in the form of the good lady’s quest to make the millions that now she realizes would make it easier to visit family and friends. Plus give a big wad to Marysmeals! (Well, if not millions maybe at least she’ll get to visit them in a white mercedes!!!!).

What? What’s the connection? Well, it’s all in the name: Arbonne! No, not Airborne – which is what the chicken was hoping for. Nor was it ‘are born’ (one sanely knows that humanity is not just those who are born, but also those yet to be born). So there it is. Take your pick: Airborne, Are-born, or Arbonne? Oh, the last one? It’s the a very successful net-work marketing company. Oh yes, the good-lady is now a super-dooper-lemon-trooper-Arbonne-queen! Go Jen, live the dream: it’s totally do-able! Better still, do it all for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. For what does it profit a man if he jumps out of planes into battle and looses his own soul?  Maybe a chicken could do it instead!




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