Anniversaries and Anna’s Verses!

Anniversaries and Anna’s Verses!


“In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

I’d like to have little Anna prepared, with a beautiful song for the Immaculata. She’s learning (at age 7) the Veni Creator Spiritus, Dona Nobis Pacem, and Christus Vincit. Well, she is a rugby player: she can tackle like a tiger! Here’s hoping she can handle the big hits. She can sing too, but how do I bring her to the point where she wants to sing from the heart in order to please the Blessed Mother? I think that is where grace comes in: if she does so, it will be by God’s grace. No doubt the beautiful Lady smiles on her already, as she did on those little children in Fatima almost 100 years.

Almost 100 years ago! How many people do not know of the great gift that was given on October 13th, 1917. Yes, there will be words – empty words – next year about what happened 500 years ago in Germany, and 100 years ago in Russia. Both of those events, however, turned souls away from God. Fatima is different: it has brought, and still brings souls to see the need for God, the need for reparation, and the need for union with Himself through the Immaculate Heart.

Some will no doubt start again saying, “Now the world will be struck down!” And they may be right. She did say that unless man turned away from sin that war would come – and come it did. The antidote was given: the Most Holy Rosary. Simple. Too simple for the proud?

Little Anna hears the Rosary on a daily basis as her mum and dad try to hand the Faith on to her. Will she sing for the glory of the Immaculata next year? Here’s hoping. Will the triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart be made visible? Here’s hoping Anna sings about it some day!


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