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The Only Election that Matters!

The Only Election that Matters!

They’ve got it! They are the winning Team!!!

Decide for God – they did, by His grace!!!! Happy Feast Day my dearest brothers and sisters, my dearest friends! Thank you for all your prayers.

May the world know that you are the true victors. You are the elected ones. And democracy had nothing – ABOSOLUTELY NOTHING – to do with it! God chose you from all eternity to given Him glory. And today – your feast day – tells me (and this isn’t “opinion”) the truth that we are ‘surrounded by a cloud of witnesses.’ Surrounded!!! Protected!!!! Helped by the strongest army one could ever imagine. The world cannot stop what God gives through your intercession.

Thank you Holy Trinity for all Your Saints! All the Saints are Your Saints! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

The Hatred of the Saints

The Hatred of the Saints


What is the Hatred of the Saints?

Why was there such a hatred in the Saints? What was it they hated so much? Where their lives not filled with love of God and of their neighbour for the love of God?

People Just Like Us?

Did you ever get tired of hearing that Saints were just like you and I? Did you ever think that this point was being overcooked and that there was something missing in saying: “Saints are not plastic, instead they are real people, just like us?”

I think I know what is meant by that statement. Basically, it is this: those who are officially called saints were men and women who – like all of us – were born into a fallen world; who laboured under the effects of original sin; and so had to fight the good fight against the world, the flesh, and the devil. I think that’s what it means, or rather, I hope that’s what it means.

At the same time, it is also an exhortation to do as they did.

But what did they do that makes them to be Saints – with a capital “S”? Why are they enrolled in that great list that is honoured throughout the year, with their own Feast Days – traditionally, the day in which they were born into eternal life. The day they passed from this life into eternity. The day they died.

Yes, your Granny might be a saint but ‘All Saints Day’ is the day when the Church holds up, and invokes all those who she knows to be in Heaven. She knows in Faith that they have fought the good fight to the end. Granny and Grandad may have done so, but the Church has not officially said so. It’s better to pray for the response of their souls. The Saints? They don’t need our prayers – we need theirs.

What makes them to be Saints? God’s grace, and their cooperation with it. They are works of God that given Him greater glory. We benefit from what God has done.

Are they just like us? No, because they had a hatred in their lives that is very rarely spoken of – and that’s why mistakenly we think they are just ordinary and just like us.

A Hatred Inspired by A Burning Love

What is there in your life that you love with a burning love? Who in your life would you die for? Maybe it’s your mother or your father; your brother or sister; maybe your husband or wife; maybe it’s your children. Maybe it’s even your country. Or as the say in some places, “yir ain folk”. Maybe you even have a deep affection for your pet cat!

Now, if your love burns for someone (or something) what would be your disposition towards that which seeks to destroy your union? If someone or something tried to kill your love what would be your stance toward it?

The Saints lived for one thing only: union with God. They loved with a passion almost beyond the imaging of mere mortals – the loved Love so much that they hated whatever could separate them from the union they had been brought into by God’s grace. They hated that one thing which you and I are often ambivalent to.

They hated sin.

They were not afraid of the Evil One and his minions – they didn’t hate them but pitied them.

They hated sin.

They hated that rejection of Truth, which is sin. They hated that rejection of Love, which is sin. They hated that which could separate them eternally from the Most Blessed Trinity. The Saints were intolerant towards sin. The loved the sinner – themselves included – but absolutely hated sin.

It was love for God that drove them to this hatred. It was love for their neighbour for the love of God that drove them to this hatred. Their long penances and fasts; their vigils of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament; their longing for Jesus in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; their tears for their sins; their long pilgrimages; their sorrow at seeing so many souls trapped in sin – all of this came from their burning love for God. That burning love, which comes from grace perfecting nature.

This love gave rise to a hatred for the one thing that could separate them from their True Love.

They loved and so hated that which was not of Love itself. Was it a selfish love – something inspired by personal reasons? No. No. No. Such would be a contradiction. They would rather die than have one ounce of selfishness in their bones. Why do you think so many were martyrs and so many longed to be martyrs?They knew martyrdom was, and is, the greatest way to say: “I love you, my Lord and my God – because You have loved me first!”

Is Sin really So Bad? Are Saints Not Just Obsessive?

Love creates. Sin destroys. The Saints knew this in this life; and they know it fully now in eternity. That is why they pray for us. It is God’s will that man reflects His glory. Sin hides the truth about God in man’s life.

But love is stronger than sin and death. This was the great insight known and lived by the Saints. They hated despair, because it denied the power of the Cross to conquer sin and death. They hated presumption, because it underestimated the need for the Cross. They knew the cost of man’s Redemption and hated whatever rejected Our Lord’s love for us. They hated doubt, because it denies God’s veracity – He has spoken and revealed what man needs to do to be saved. They hated false religions, because they stole souls from Christ, and so with a passion they baptised them in their millions. And they hated hatred of God and hatred of those created in His image and likeness, because this is gravest injustice against His right to be given the supreme worship that is due to Him alone. They hated sin in all its forms.

Is sin really so bad? Ask those who live amongst the tragedy of prostitution; ask those who live amongst the tragedy of drug addiction; ask those who try to help end the horror of war and the destruction of unborn life. But don’t even go that far. Look into your own soul and see what sin has done in your life. Is sin really so bad? The Saints cry at even the thought that someone would belittle the injustice of sin against Love Itself.

Do You Want to Be a Saint?

How does one become a Saint? The best answers are usually the shortest. The best answer is: will it!

Most people don’t want to be Saints. They are indifferent to their sins. They settle for mediocrity and love soon withers. The Saints burn with love for Love. They would do anything for Love. They want Love because Love has shown them Its Face – Our Lord, Jesus Christ. He is Love Incarnate, and the Saints are mad about Him.

The Saints’ madness was reflected in their total trust. As they battled for Heaven they trusted God’s Word absolutely. He, who cannot deceive nor be deceived, promised to bring them to Himself and they – in justice (it is right and just) – took Him at His Word.

The Saints returned love to Love – and in doing so threw their own personal sins (and the sins of the whole world) in the Heart that consumes all sin. Like other Christs they carried the sins of the world into the great fire of Divine Justice and begged for Divine Mercy. Why? Because they loved – and still love God and us in God.

Do you you want to be a Saint? Do the same. Carry your sins into fire of Divine Justice, do penance for them, and trust – like the Saints who hated sin – that Divine Goodness will pour the love that is stronger than sin into the depth of your soul. This is the way of the Saints: living in Christ and with Christ for the Glory of God the Father.

All You Holy Men and Women, ora pro nobis!

The Smiling Ones

The Smiling Ones


Do You Want to Know the Secret to True Beauty?

Who was more beautiful – Mother Teresa (who had a face like an old boot?) or Princess Diana (the little girl exploited by those who should have known better!)?

Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Imagine saying to someone: “You’re beautiful because I say so!” A wife would soon give her husband a slap on the face if he said such a thing.

What then was the secret of Mother Teresa’s beauty? Was it simply her smile?  What makes someone beautiful even when their face is old and wrinkled?

Seems more likely that it came not from herself, but from God. She became more beautiful the more she reflected God! Do you want to be beautiful? Radiate God and you’ll shine! The more you love the more beautiful you become.

Rest in the Son to Reflect Real Beauty

For the health of your soul you must spend as much time – in fact, all your time – in the Son. If you step into the darkness (of sin) you will quickly become ‘as ugly as sin’. That old expression says it all: sin is ugly.

Have you ever noticed how ugly many glamorous people look?

If you want to see real beauty wait in line for Confession. You’ll have to go somewhere where you’re not the only one receiving this most priceless of gifts. That may be difficult to do in these “sinless days” when everyone is “immaculately conceived”!!! The point? Go, and notice the beauty on the faces of those who receive the Sacrament.

Ask them how they feel after Confession.

Ask them would they like to rest in this reality forever.

It’s called true freedom. The freedom of resting in the only Son worth basking in. The Son who does not damage or kill with dangerous doses of radiation. But the Son who gives life through His Death and Resurrection. He alone has the anti-aging product you need: it’s called GRACE.

How Does GRACE Make You Beautiful?

GRACE is a totally supernatural reality. Sanctifying GRACE – poured into the soul in Baptism and given in each of the seven Sacraments – makes the soul holy and pleasing to God. It makes the soul beautiful in God’s sight.

Actual GRACE gives the soul supernatural help for the actual situation it finds itself in. It allows the soul to stay beautiful in each moment by bringing light to the intellect and strength to the will.

Without this life of grace a soul is far from God. Someone without this grace in his soul is not an adopted child of God. Nor is he possessed by the Holy Spirit. Nor does he have the right to Heaven. That is what is called an ugly state to be in. Without God’s life in your soul – without GRACE – you are an enemy of God. So teaches the Baltimore Catechism.

So GRACE is a sharing in God’s life. It’s more than simply having the general presence of God in one’s being. The cows in the fields have God’s general presence. Everything does. But GRACE gives participation in God’s own life: it gives His special presence to the soul. It is what makes a soul radiate with God’s love for others. It makes a soul – like Mother Teresa – beautiful.

Do You Want to Be Beautiful?

Don’t spend hours looking in the mirror. Don’t spend hours thinking about yourself. Spend hours in the Son. Spend hours in preparation for Confession and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Spend hours on those Rosary beads. Spend hours with the Immaculata in the presence of Her Son, exposed fittingly in the Blessed Sacrament. Spend hours in prayer.

Are you serious about being beautiful – really beautiful, not plastic-Hollywood-beautiful? Then look, not in the mirror, but into the Son. Look into His Face. Especially in Confession. Confession! Confession! Confession! Oh, what a joy!

Someone said to a bishop recently: “Sorry, My Lord, but I’ve given up on the ‘New Evangelization’. If it’s not Confession centred then I’m out! The answer to all this ugliness – inside and outside the Church – is true beauty. And without Confession we’re trapped in ugly old sins. Confession! Confession! Confession! The Secret to Beauty! I’ve not hear that from an New Evangelist.”

Do you want to be beautiful? Go to Confession EVERY WEEK – in is an act of the highest faith, hope, and charity. The more you believe, hope, and love God, the more beautiful you become!

There is only one line worth being in: the line to Confession. See you there, by the grace of God – smiling!

It’s all about the Journey?

It’s all about the Journey?

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“Where are we going, Dad?” Does this question even matter?

“It’s all about the journey!”

What? What journey?

The phrase, “It’s all about the journey!” has something to it, but something about it is not quite right. Is life simply a journey?

If it is a journey then where are you coming from and where are you going to? If you aren’t coming from somewhere, and are not going somewhere, then how is it a journey?

The end is the principle of human activity: without an end nothing can be done. You can’t read this unless you have an intention in doing so! You can’t go on a journey unless you intend to do so. Life can’t be a journey unless it has a end. Someone has to have had the intention of initiating the journey.

Life is a journey? Yes, we are viatores (those who are on their way).

Question: On their way to what or to where?

If it’s all about the journey (the experience, the buzz, the thrill of the present moment) then how does it all fit together? How is selfishness – so subtle in it’s penetration of the human heart – kept at bay? If there is no final end then none of it makes any sense. It would not be a journey but a…..????? It would not be. Created life would not exist.

The gift of the journey is given by the Giver of all that is good. This is why you can say, “Life is good because it’s end (i.e. God) is Good.” It fits together thanks to God’s omnipresence and omnipotence – always holding it in the goodness of existence. Every step of the journey is underpinned with God’s highway. You can go off the track but that won’t get you home.

No God, No Journey; Know God – and you’ll know why it is a journey! And how good a journey God wills it to be. Stay on the track and you’ll be on track to get home to your eternal Father.


A Twenty-First Century Fairy Tale?

A Twenty-First Century Fairy Tale?


The elegant lady sat next to a dad and his little girl just minutes before the flight took off. Scotland was in it’s full splendour of late Autumn colours – the Highlands themselves had been a blaze with the majesty of the rut. As the plane roared over an 840 year old city, whose it’s inhabitants could as easily be those of Aleppo, the distant mountains waved a hearty farewell.

A keen bridge player, the elegant lady noticed that the dad was reading while his little red-head enthusiastically monitored  every motion from the plane’s window. Books are great – and often they lead to great conversations. This book was on Network Marketing with the title ‘Go Pro‘. Ironically the former ‘theologian’ (a one time professional on matters of Sacred Theology?) was not reading a work entitled ‘God Pro’. The keen bridge player mistakenly thought the book was entitled such.

This sparked the conversation of a dad and a very elegant widow. Here is some of what ensued:

Elegant Widow: “Oh, it’s not called ‘God Pro’?”

Retired God Pro: “No, but that would have been appropriate at one time.”

EW: “Why is that?”

RGP (not an RPG – although sometimes described as one!): “Well, I used to work for an American university teaching some aspects of Sacred Theology, so I could be called a ‘God Pro’.”

EW: “Sorry, but religion is just mumble-jumble. Superstition the lot of it.”

RGP: “Oh, that’s interesting. How would you define ‘superstition’?”

EW: “Well, all that holy water stuff, and all those fairy tales. The older I get the more I appreciate that these things are products of evolution, and that science explains everything for us.”

RGP: “Oh, I see. So evolution gives us religion and superstition? Does it give us a definition of ‘superstition’? Does it define  things like ‘justice’, ‘truth’, and ‘love’. This is all rather intriguing.”

EW: “Yes, yes, religion is just a crutch that evolution gives to people to help them cope.”

RGP: “Why that is very interesting. So evolution is the cause of all those ‘wars of religion’? And does it also produce what you call ‘superstition’?

Would you like a definition of ‘superstition’? How’s about: attributing to something a power it does not have? Yes, there’s plenty of it around – people avoid ladders thinking they have some kind of power. And tea-leaves are given power by all kinds of people in Ireland.”

EW: “Yes, that is what religion does – it gives things power that they don’t have. And besides, I don’t believe any of those stories.”

RGP: “Is it religion or superstition that gives power to things that they don’t naturally have? True religion and false religions can be considered. If you make the distinction between false religion and true religion then it is easy to see where the error lies. Even those who hold to the true religion can be tempted by superstitious practices. They can leave the truth and promote their own version of the true religion.”

EW: “It’s all superstition. Science has given us the answers.”

RGP: “Like the meaning of ‘justice’?”

EW: “Yes. We know that ‘justice’ is a something evolution gives us so that we can live together.”

RGP: “So everyone on this flight wants to get along with one another?”

EW: “Yes, most people are good people.”

RGP: “And what about ‘bad’ people – are they not for justice? Or are they a product of evolution that serves the great cosmic yearning for transcendence?”

EW: “Pardon? I am frightfully sorry, I do not understand how you went from bad people – and there are some – to transcendence.”

RGP: “Sorry, I tend to do that – a bad habit of mine. And I judge people all the time – some are good thieves and some a bad. But I suppose I shouldn’t since they are just products of evolution.

Let me put it this way. You say evolution gives us (along with science) all the answers. Well if that is the case then no-one is ever doing anything right or wrong. There is no good thief or bad thief. Don’t you agree? We’re all in a great ‘cosmic soup’, so to speak, in which all the ingredients (us!) are being melted down into something delicious for a reason we don’t know about. Maybe something that transcends us all is waiting to eat us all up once the soup has been cooked enough. Some great cosmic bogey-man has us in his pot, don’t you think? ”

EW: “That sounds like one of those fairytales you tell your little girl here.”

RGP: “Oh, did I steal your story?”

How to Work for the Most Beautiful Lady!

How to Work for the Most Beautiful Lady!

Here’s a very interesting movie.

You and I have something in common – we need to eat and drink; sleep and wake. We need to do everyday things.

Work is an everyday thing that is good for the soul. Too much of it is as stupid as too much alchohol.

Working without seeing any light at the end of the tunnel (no sign of getting a reward for you hard work) is debilitating to the soul. Getting the reward that the labourer deserves is only just. The movie attached here puts forward an alternative way. It too can be offered to the Immaculata so as to become a way to holiness with Her.

And remember, if you make your millions give it all to Her – she’ll pay all the bills for you; ensure you are well feed; and even give you lots of time with you family! “Seek first God’s Kingdom, and all these other things will be given unto you.”

That’s a divine promise.



Despite it all: Totus Tuus!

Despite it all: Totus Tuus!


He loved Our Lady – there’s no doubt about it. He was shot on her Feast Day. He consecrated his whole life to her.

It’s not magic. Consecrating yourself to the Immaculata doesn’t give you super human powers. It doesn’t give you bionic strength. It doesn’t make you a super hero. Nor does it prevent you from making mistakes.

Such is the conundrum of Karol Wojtyla/Pope Saint John Paul II. He lived through a horrendous time, and took some strange decisions. A learned priest said, “Yes, he was a holy man but he was influenced by some silly ideas – the anonymous Christian idea, for example.”

Many who lived through the John Paul II years idolized him. That was wrong. We put him up on a pedestal, but he didn’t try and get off it. He put himself out there like a superstar, when maybe silence and reserve was needed. I don’t know. We didn’t pray enough for the Holy Spirit to guide him – expecting it to happen automatically. Superstition: attributing to a creature powers it does not have. Many (myself included) fell into this error.

There was also the error of holding him up against the world as if to say, “Look, we’ve got this superstar – more famous than anybody you got.” Pride on our part. Pride of thinking we could out do the culture if we just did it bigger.

He was just a man. He was not true God and true man. Only Our Lord is. Yes, the Holy Spirit guarded this Saint from formally leading the Church into error but at times Pope John Paul II went very close to it. Close enough so as to allow the confusion to increase. The current problems stem from many of the men he appointed as bishops. Yes, he couldn’t be everywhere, and yes, many of the bishops had lost the faith – many, many, of them – and they did not stand with him in the attempt to defend the unborn. As for contraception: they refused to teach what the Church’s infallible teaching is on that matter.

Were others to blame for the state of the Church during his pontificate. Yes, and no. My sins wounded the Mystical Body, bringing it down again and again. So did John Paul II’s. What they were only his confessor and God knows. Seeing he wasn’t perfect is now hard to swallow. Knowing that he is a saint is a consolation.

We used to shout: “John Paul II, we love you!” Now we whisper in prayer: “John Paul II, we still love you – pray for the Church, pray for us all that we’ll escape what Our Lady at Fatima called the ‘diabolical disorientation’.”

Why God has permitted even the good to stumble and at times give bad example is an impenetrable mystery. The Assisi inter-religious nonsense, for example, is deeply confusing for those who learned the Baltimore Catechism where it clearly teaches that attending non-Catholic worship is a sin against faith. How can a pope stand and ‘pray’ with those promoting false religions? Are pagan practices equal to those of the one, true religion?Maybe the confusion he permitted explains why his successor has the silly ideas he has.

Even daring to ask this and express it is considered disloyal. That shows how far Catholics have lost touch with the Truths of the Faith. How far the ‘educated’ have swallowed the historical inaccuracy that it is the Latin-Mass crew who are to blame that Mass attendance in the Western hemisphere is averaging about 10-15% . History shows otherwise. Dietrich von Hildebrand, and many others, were sounding the alarm bells long before Archbishop Lefebevre was blamed by the modernists for the disasters in the Church. They had to find a scapegoat somewhere. Serious academic study shows this to be the case.

The Catholic response to strange actions and words of popes is surely: “God bless the pope – he’s not God.” The present author has no job to lose; no academic career or Catholic lay position to try and hold onto. He can ask without fear of attacks by those who are trying to defend the indefensible: “What is going on?” Am I expected now to say to my children something like the following: “Oh Martin Luther – the guy who hated the pope, lived a life of debauchery, and hated mankind – wasn’t such a bad influence after all. Really quite a nice guy when you get to know him”? No. Pope John Paul II, please pray for your successor.

Popes are not perfect: they can make mistakes. And during my life time they have. It is not disloyal to say so. John Paul II asked for us to pray for him when he was dead. Kind of strange. I thought the canonized saints lived lives of heroic virtue to such a point that there wasn’t any need to pray for them – Purgatory was not their lot. He said it; not me. Was it the right or wrong thing to say?

He loved Saint Faustina, as is common knowledge, but why did he not teach the kinds of things that she taught. She warned again and again that those who refused to turn to God’s Mercy would have to face his Justice. And why no has ever called her anti-semitic (which she isn’t) I don’t know. Maybe it’s because Pope John Paul II decided not to mention that in her Diary one finds her telling the her fellow sisters cared for people. The woman’s family wouldn’t leave her side so the sisters could be with the woman on her own. Eventually they left. What did Sister Faustina do? She sneaked in with another sister and BAPTIZED the woman – who died soon after!

Not quite the stuff modern popes are promoting. Did Pope John Paul II know about it? Another learned priest on hearing about this said: “He knew.” Doesn’t fit with Dignitatis Humanae.

Yes, He’s a Saint of Holy Mother Church. Praise God. Now he can see what the Church needs, and what the Immaculata is doing for Her Son’s Members. He did not have that knowledge while on this side of the grave – and none of us do.

The mystery of the ‘diabolical disorientation’ effecting individuals, nations, and even many in the Church is truly blinding. Maybe no man can grasp all of it. As a pope he had to face it, and maybe his own personal ‘blind spots’ clouded his judgement on certain things. The sacred liturgy, for example, was not a strong point in his thinking. Often he would speak of culture but making the connection between cultural mayhem and liturgical abuses was not something he addressed. Puzzling.

It struck me recently how much he tried but how much he failed. He pushed various things but like many other ideas conceived in the 1960’s they are crumbling and falling down. The things he did to hand on the ancient Faith will never be lost – the rest, it will not last.

One thing he spoke often was divine mercy. Studying his teaching on it, however, is not easy. One comes across some strange points and omissions. For example, in his 1981 encyclical Dives in Misericorida – a document by-passed by many scholars at the time (and which was misrepresented by Wolter Cardinal Kasper in his work on God’s Mercy, and thus cherry-picked for the, so-called, Year of Mercy) – there is a passage where he speaks of how a true act of mercy is only such when the one giving mercy is aware of also receiving mercy.

It makes no sense: God doesn’t receive mercy when He gives it. But no-one has every commented on this. I tried to find commentary but – in English – there is none. Maybe it’s just easier to ignore silly things that popes sometimes say and move on. Move on to what?

Finally, I thank God for Pope John Paul II. God used him to drag me screaming out of the grips of the evil one. It was God’s work, and he used a man who gave us so much but who didn’t get it right all the time. Maybe it was too big an ask even for him.

Why did he not mention Russia exclusively when consecrating the world to Our Lady? Answer: Russian tanks. Think about it.

In the light of Providence thank God for it all: for the silly Assisi events; for the World Youth Day events where the Blessed Sacrament was often desecrated; for the crushing of the Liturgy; for the failure to excommunicate the Modernist who destroyed, and destroyed, and destroyed…; for the horrors of the child abuse scandals. God permitted it all. Praise Him for whatever His reasons are – praise Him.

And with Pope Saint John Paul II cry out amidst this ‘diabolical disorientation’: I am all Thine, and all that I have is Thine, O Most Loving Jesus, through Mary, Thy Holy Mother. Totus Tuus!


Free Strategy to Happiness

Free Strategy to Happiness


All of the Strategies and Tactics Used by the World’s Most Important People, Distilled into Easy to Follow Steps

  • Everything you need to know about getting to Heaven, being happy in this world, through knowing, loving, and serving God
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to love your neighbour as yourself for the love of God, but without all the irrationality in other religions
  • The quickest way to union with God ever given – as taught by those who have “been there”, “done that”
  • A look into the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, where the Church shows you exactly how to be happy

Together, with the Saints throughout the Ages, poor sinners have been led to repentance and faith thanks to the grace of God working in their souls


The Biggest Secret to Growing in Holiness for You, Your Family, Your Friends, and Your Enemies

Would you like to know the secret to happiness?

Let me be blunt: there are very few people in the world who can tell you.

The vast majority of so-called Catholics are sleeping, or at best, sleep walking. Many are taking no advantage of the Sacraments at all.

As for the Rosary? Where are they?

Why should they bother? Sure, we’re all going Heaven – are we not? Don’t think so.


The vast majority of so-called famous Catholics were bright and made a mark on history. But they were not all Saints.

Only the Saints are the true measure of Catholicism. You don’t measure an organization by its worst – but by its best.

To be Saints they relied totally on God’s goodness. They didn’t believe in themselves. They loved themselves the way God commanded – as they loved their neighbour for the love of God.

Popularity did not phase them – or attract them. Only God! Only God was their passion. They desired only union with Him.

It wasn’t a piece of luck that got them to Heaven: it was God’s grace; their participation in God’s life. Why did He choose them to be Saints? Because He wanted to!

Are you jealous? Then you’re not a Saint – saints are not envious of God’s gifts to someone else.

“WHAT?! No Need to For Money to Get into Heaven?”

That’s right. Sorry to disappoint you.

The truth alone is enough. God doesn’t want your money! He doesn’t need it. In fact, it is probably an obstacle to union with Him.

He doesn’t cross the road to meet you just because you have money, power, of prestige. Instead, He carries the Cross for you and to you – helping you become rich in what matters: charity.

You’ve heard stories about how you need to be famous and have everybody talking about what you’re saying. You think you need to be the centre of every conversation. God sees through all that nonsense.

God has the plan: it is the only plan that will last. If your plan is not fitting into THE plan then you’re onto a loser.

Want to be a winner? Chose the Winner’s plan.

What is the plan? Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

What must you do to be save? You must believe what God has revealed and keep His laws to be saved (Baltimore).

The Only Church Designed Exclusively in Heaven for Would Be-Saints Who Are Tired of Messing around with Watered-Down Catholicism

From what I’ve seen, there are two types of Catholics:

  • Cultural Catholics: people who are formed more by the culture – especially the mass media culture – than they are by the Tradition of the Saints. They just like going along with the crowd, and they don’t care if anything comes of it. If they are told to believe and live in a way contrary to the God’s teachings they are none the wiser.
  • Serious Saints: people formed by the Mass of the Ages, and who see their need for God’s grace. Sure, they are in the world but they are not living for the world. Their real purpose to live, work, and die for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. They expect to be judged on that front. They are serious but they laugh at their own patheticness!

The problem is, most of the Catholic-talk is for cultural Catholics. It’s watered-down, culturally acceptable shallowness. It is neither hot nor cold.

The only simple thing you need is what the Church gives: God’s grace. It is what gives results – i.e. gets souls to Heaven.

If you’re wanting to be a serious saint then decide for God; decide for Our Lord; decide for His Church. Why? Because it is His Church.

It is not the popes’.

It is not the bishops’.

It is not the priests’.

And it is especially not the laity’s.

It belongs to Christ – it is His Body (mystically speaking).

It has dead members, and living members: those in a state of mortal sin; and those in a state of grace.

What is frustrating is that if you don’t hear these truths you are in grave danger of being lost for all eternity. Without the map you can’t follow the Way.

The Church has been given the map.

It’s Yours: Everything the Church Knows about Becoming a Saint

Not for the first time it is being said: Outside of Christ there is no salvation. I’m just repeating this. The other way is: extra ecclesia nulla salus!

And since Christ gave us the Church then deliberately rejecting the Church is deliberately rejecting Him. So here’s the deal:

  • Only at the price of one Hail Mary (i.e. for nothing!) will I repeat this teaching: Go to Mary!
  • It is all to be found in the Church: Go to Mary!
  • There are a thousand million things that could be said but keep it simple: Go to Mary!
  • There are Saints for every type of person who say: Go to Mary!
  • The Church belongs to Christ and He says: “Behold thy Mother”.
  • There are book, videos, DVDs, all kinds of tools but you must  Go to Mary!
  • There is one shortcut to happiness – the Immaculate Heart, so Go to Mary!
  • You can feed the poor, clothe the naked: better still, do it with Mary!

Here’s Just a Little of What You’ll Discover in Mary

What kinds of topics does holiness cover? Where does Mary lead? Here’s a list of paths that members of the Mystical Body of Christ are currently enjoying:

  • Policemen in New York consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Surgeons in Africa consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Mothers in Russia consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Plumbers in London consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Pilots in the skies consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Teachers in Belfast consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Miners in Siberia consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Journalists in Australia consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Engineers in Argentina consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Nurses in Namibia consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Care Officers in Denmark consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Soldiers in Syria consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Welders in Bolivia consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Mariners in Malta consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Surfers in California consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Mountaineers on Everest consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Footballers in the Bernabeau consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Hikers in the Highlands consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Children in Haiti consecrated to Her Heart.
  • Pensioners in Poland consecrated to Heart.
  • The list goes on and on and on and on….. Don’t forget all the priests and religious!

How Is All This Different from other Groups? What is the Strategy and Promised Tactic?

Mary is with the Church by the will of Christ. She wants only what He wants. He doesn’t want 50,000 “churches”. 500 years on from Martin (Silly Man) Luther what do you have?

Multiple religions and religious wars?

Not the will of Christ.

Not being with Mary in Christ.

Being with Mary in Christ in called being Catholic. Under the Supreme authority of the Vicar of Christ (whether he’s faithful or not) is the will of Christ.

One True Religion – divinely revealed (and in accord with reason).

Being with Mary in Christ is where this flows from.

Being with Mary in Christ – the STRATEGY.

Being with Christ through Mary –  the SECRET.

Being with Mary in and for Christ – the TACTIC!!!

Viva! Viva! Viva Immaculata!

Get your guarantee to Heaven now: consecrate yourself to Mary, and stay with Her all your days!


You may notice this is an attempt to steal one of those advertisements, which promise the world. The attempt is to try to use it for the honour of the Immaculata. It may be a failed attempt, but hey-ho, She’ll take and give it to Her Son who promised us Heaven!

You Can’t Afford to Miss this One!

You Can’t Afford to Miss this One!



Ever get the impression that everybody is trying to sell something?

You’re right. Everybody’s try to pitch something in your direction. It’s part of the way you and I are – we want people to accept us. And if they accept us, they ‘buy into’ what we’re saying. No harm in it.

Unless they are selling damaged goods – or falsehoods. Or desecrating our sacred ‘space.’ You don’t like it; neither do I. It’s a threat to our life.

What about God? Is He trying to sell us something? Trying to get us to ‘buy into’ some idea? Trying to give us some nonsense?

Nope. To think so would be as silly as to think that a dad needs to prove to his child that he is his father. The child simply has it as fact: this is dad. He doesn’t have to prove himself.

God can neither deceive nor be deceived. That’s why anyone has Faith – it is not built on anything other than God’s Word (it’s not a word that is trying to sell something!). To think God can deceive is what lies at the root of many deep psychological problems. If God were able to lie then who could be trusted. Sorry, but that ain’t God.

God is Truth. ‘Truth itself speaks truly, or there is nothing true!’

Can you and I afford to miss His Word? Nope. It is the one thing necessary – God’s Word, through whom you and I were made. Take it, not on my word, but on God’s Word: you need Him but He doesn’t need you. He holds you in existence. He’s doing what you and I cannot do.

Can you do without Him? Don’t be silly.

Join the Biggest Network Marketing Body in the World for Free!

Join the Biggest Network Marketing Body in the World for Free!

(c) The Fitzwilliam Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

What is the biggest Network Marketing Body in the World?

First, you need to know what is meant by Network Marketing, or Multi-Level-Marketing.

It’s not pyramid selling, or some kind of scam: it is the best way to run a business. Don’t believe me? Do the research. Companies are realizing that the Old Economy is gone: the internet has revolutionized what can be done. People on opposites sides of the planet can be involved in promoting products from their own homes.

Anyway, Network Marketing is providing a service, or a product through a network of distributors who run their own businesses. It is at the heart of the New Economy. Are you online? Most businesses today are – because they can reach people without teams of sales personnel. Businesses that follow the Network Marketing model have customers who are distributors; and who bring in other customers to be distributors. They build teams of customer-distributors.

So? What’s this Got to Do with the Price of Bread?

Well, if you know that Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said something along the lines that if a man brought another man to Christ in a year; and if they two then brought another two in another year; and if they four then brought another four after the next year; and if they eight then brought another eight after another year…and so on for thirty years, then after 30 years there would be another 1,073, 741, 824 Catholics!!! And that was just men bringing men – what if the lovely ladies did the same?

The point is: the Network Marketing folk see where this can go. They’ve cotton on to what people can do when it comes to buying and selling. What about Catholics? Has the penny not dropped yet that the world is there to be taken for Christ! The market is there to be cornered. A network of supernatural charity is what is on offer – and it’s free. Get rich quick: use the Sacraments, pray the Rosary, love God and your neighbour as yourself for the love of God!!!! ‘Seek first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these other things will be added unto you.’

Here’s what you might notice: the Catholic Church is the biggest networking set-up out there. Each individual is a member, but each individual is responsible for his own business. This brings new meaning to someone saying to you, “Mind your own business.” The business at hand is working for the salvation of souls. If Catholics are not about working to save their own souls and the souls of whoever they meet then the Church – as is noticeable in so-called ‘developed nations’ – is future-history. Other businesses will take its customers. And who are the other ‘businesses’? False religions, inspired by the Evil One. The Church has the ‘one thing necessary’ – Christ. He set the business up that way. The Church’s business is the salvation of souls: working for that gives glory to God.  And if the members don’t run their businesses according to Christ’s master-plan then their membership will be terminated – it is called Hell.

Network Marketing has many advocates – usually people who have achieved financial success. Good for them. Here’s hoping they are in a state of grace – especially when they die. One of them is a guy called Eric Worre. His work GoPro: 7 Steps to Becoming A Network Marketing Professional is worth a read. But what’s it got to do with the Faith? Nothing. But if you’re looking for God you’ll even find in it something.

Totally Dedicated to the Business – of Saving Souls

Here’s the deal (as Josh McCallen used to say): people are only successful at the Network Marketing when then take on the mindset of a professional. In a similar way you’ll only get to Heaven if you GoHo – take on the mindset of someone on the pilgrimage of holiness. To make big bucks you need to GoPro; to get to Heaven you need to GoHo. It is all about holiness – not the making bucks (that sounds a bit like the deadly sin of usury) but the way you live your life. Afterall, ‘What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?’

What then is the biggest win-win club in town? Cut the nonsense and notice that you are either a living member – of the Mystical Body of Christ – or a dead member (i.e. someone living in a state of mortal sin). Remember that old Baltimore/Penny Catechism: it speaks of being an enemy of God. That sounds like not being on the winning team when it comes to the Day of Judgement. So it’s time to shape up and GoHo.

Here’s another reason why the Church is the Network that you should be part of: without Christ you are lost. Without Christ I am lost.

Ever seen the bumper sticker: No Christ, No Life: Know Christ, Know Life? There are variations of it. Here’s one: No Church, No Christ: Know Church, Know Christ.

Today you’ll find the post-modernists who want to destroy grammar so as to destroy Christianity. They don’t say, “The Church”, but just “Church”. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. St. Paul’s teaching on the Body of Christ is pretty specific. It is His Body! Those who are baptised are in Christ: members of His Body, His Church. Yes, We are His Church!!! Without Him (without being in Christ) on the Day of Judgement all the other members can do nothing for you. Like Network Marketing – you either take it seriously and professionally (like the Saints in their journey to Christ) or you fail.

And like Networking Marketing you need team, support, training, commitment, friendship, and dedication. Without these life as a member of Christ’s Body is like living in a comma (or semi-coma: been there, done that!).

But these are all to be found in the Church if you get off your butt: there is support (and you can give it); there is training (it’s called the lives of the saints); and there is commitment (look at the martyrs and confessors even today); and there is friendship (union with God and forgiveness of enemies); and dedication (look at the little old ladies who pray the rosary constantly). It’s all there in Christ – in a supernatural manner.

What use is the Church then? It is His Mystical Body. It is what shows Him to the world – allowing the elect to come into union with the Blessed Trinity; allowing them to flee the world (fuga mundi). The use of the Church? It is that great Body in union with its Head that gives glory and praise to the Blessed Trinity. It is where you become richer than the richest. It is where you are united with all the angels and saints; and it is where supernatural life is poured into the soul.

Decide to Go Ho!

Eric Worre’s sound-bite is: “Ladies and gentlemen, my wish for you is that you decide to become a Network Marketing Professional – you decide to Go Pro – because it is stone-cold fact that we have a better way. Now let’s go tell the world.”

Catholics sound-bite is: “Sinners becoming Saints, my wish for you is that you decide to become professional Catholics – you decide to Go Ho – because it is a stone-cold fact that Christ is the Way. Now let’s go tell the world all that He has commanded.”

It is the team to be on; it is the team where the truth is available – the full truth about God and man. And yes, this team even has a Mother who looks after all the members – she is like the neck of the body, uniting each member to the Head! Viva Immaculata.