Back to School – And Screaming at the Wains!

Back to School – And Screaming at the Wains!

You known when the wains (kids, wee ones, children) are back at school – it’s when you find yourself more irritable, or even just a little frustrated, at the “we’ve got to get this done” thing. Homeschooling is a different fish altogether from ‘regular schooling’ (i.e. the mass, state organized-sponsored-encouraged, crowd control, stuff thousands of youngsters into air-conditioned/central heated ugly 1960’s inspired asylums thing!). With homeschooling the madness happens in your own living room rather being imported from the official lunatic institution with it’s motto: everyone else is doing it. Why do we do it? What’s this all about?

Well, it seems like the usual suspects – power, fame, and wealth – are what drives the whole thing on (or maybe one should say, drives the whole society mad!). Yes, there are greater things than these ancient realities but try to tell that to the local headmistress when she’s stressed out of her box because the heating system isn’t working and the local authorities are breathing down her neck for better results. She wants to scream at the wains but in these enlightened years of the third millennium she’s been programmed to ‘stay calm; take deep breadths; eat the right food; and…SCREAM!!!! – when no-ones around!’ In fact, the popularity of cats is probably based on the fact that there isn’t a modern-law (as opposed to a lex – a dictate of human reason promulgated by the competent authority for the sake of the common good) yet in place to defend the cat against pscychopathic headmistresses. Give it time.

Yet who can blame her? There it is – the pressure of thousands of ‘my wee Johnny is never wrong’ grown ups (?) dumping there little Johnnys on wee lassies, and laddies, who were shaped by the previous madness but are now the ones who are expected to baby-sit the next generation. They get into university, get drunk, get in debt, get confused, and get given a piece of paper proclaiming they are teachers. How did Socrates every get passed the authorities? There was a time when magister or magistra would have been a fitting title but since discipulus or discipula stand in relation to these terms, and the later smack of discipline and authority, then the dear teachers are no-longer Mr…or Mrs…; Sir or Miss; but ‘Jack’ and ‘Jill’.

And then along comes someone who says, “Do you see my little Johnny? Well he’s decided he’s,…or she’s not Johnny, but…rather…mmm, yes, she’s right; she’s not him who was here yesterday. He’s,..opps, she’s now Jeanny – not Johnny.” Anyway, the expectation is that Miss McDuff (Ms McDuff, headmistress,…opps…Headthingy…) is meant to smile and say, “Oh yes, I understand.” Understand? No she doesn’t – she wants to scream, “You’re mad!” – but if she does that she’ll be marched off to the re-education centre (the local social work run asylum) and helped to see that now boys are not boys, and buses are not buses,

Not until wee Johnny (sorry, Jeanny) is run over by one on the way home, or happens to impregnate one of the girls in his class! Then there won’t be screams, but tears – and, of course, accusations. Maybe the bus driver should have recognized a wee-boy-now-wee-girl-now-a-wee-boy-wee… confused on the bridge above the road who was about to jump? How did he not recognise the signs? Obviously a failure in the system. Smash it. Change it. Reprogramme the deporables. More money needed for more education! Convenient.

And it’s the sacred tax-payers who are screaming.

Homeschooling? Yes, there are screams, but since their tax-payers money doesn’t go toward isn’t refunneled by the programmers toward their children’s education they more often than not resort to prayers, rather than trusting others because they are payers. The teachers are called ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ – as they had been from time immemorial, and the children are not immaculately conceived idols of perfection but little ones needing formation in the truth. Sometimes a scream or two might be called for. Money won’t change or satisfy the heart of children. Promises of BBC or MTV fantasy world’s will not satisfy – the jury is in on that! No-one can buy happiness, and true education is crucial for true happiness. Power, fame, glory – read the ancients and they’ll tell you the story! Scream at the wains if you see them running in front of buses, but don’t pretend reality isn’t going to bite: ignore it at your pearl.

Schooling is like trying to give the blind sight – the miracle is that there is someone who gives us the power to do so! Ask Him for help and you’ll get it; and the children will be happy.

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